Brooke Whittaker


Brooke Whittaker was raised in a small, former coal mining town in Southwestern Pennsylvania. As with everyone in the area, the lifestyle could best be categorized with the term "redneck". As a child, Brooke participated in many of the more physical, rough and tumble, outdoor activities in a rather tomboyish fashion. Before she reached junior high school, she had already grown taller than most of her teachers. Her interest in athletics continued and by the time she was ready to graduate, Brooke had been offered numerous scholarships. Eager to get away from her hometown, Brooke accepted a scholarship to Penn State where she continued to excel at basketball and volleyball.

After graduation, she put her degree in architecture/civil engineering to good use by returning home to assist her father by working along side him in his business as a building contractor. It was about this time that things were taking a turn for the worse for America. Theft was becoming widespread among the construction sites, including the ones that Brooke was working on. One night, Brooke had caught up with one of the people behind the thefts and left him clinging to the edge of life. Society had not yet collapsed, so she was summararily arrested, tried by jury, and convicted for her crime.

Brooke had spent several months in a medium security prison. During this time, things continued to get worse. Shortages such as guards being needed for military defense or just wanting to make sure their families were taken care of, and the lack of food made running this prison near impossible. The parole boards became even more lenient, so Brooke was allowed out on an early release. With nowhere to go, Brooke started wandering and looking for a place to fit in again.

Brooke Whittaker is very competitive from her involvement in sports. She tends to be an easy going person with a good sense of humor. However, Brooke also has a nasty streak and temper which she will unleash on anybody who crosses the line with her. It was this temper that got her sent to prison. First impressions of Brooke make her out to be somewhat shy and socially awkward among people she doesn't know or feel comfortable with. During intense situations, she finds her confidence (which is probably part of her sports training). She has no problems when it comes to more of the manly things such as swearing and she can probably hold her own when it comes to such things.

Physical Description:
Brooke Whittaker is a very tall and thin woman. She is 6'6" tall and is more of the lean & extremely fit type rather than being massive or muscular. She has long reddish brown hair which she usually keeps tied back in a ponytail whenever she is doing something physically intense.

She is somewhat attractive, not quite beauty queen standards, but better than average in appearance.

Nickname: Big Red

BS. in Architecture and Industrial Design (Penn State, 1999)
INIT = 2, RADS = 21
STR6swim 2, Tracking 2
AGL7Rifle 2, U/A Melee 2
CON5Civil Engineer 3
INT4Computer 1, Lockpick 2
EDU5Scrounge 2, Cycle 2
CHA5Mechanic 2

pair faded bluejeans, 2- sweatshirts, cheap manual-wind watch, camo poncho, hightop sneakers, heavy blanket.

Mountain bike, lockpick set, 4x binoculars, basic tool set,flashlight, personal med kit.

3- packs Instant Ramen noodles, 3# deer jerky, 750 ml bottle red wine, 2.5L canteen.

Ruger bolt action .30-06(5 rnd internal magazine), 5 rnds in wpn, and 20 rnds on a bandolier. Sling, and cleaning kit.

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