Mike Valdez served as a designated marksman in CPT (later MAJ) Ryan Tyler's BTN, in the Aviation BDE of the 28th DIV, based out of Indiantown Gap (between Harrisburg and Hershey, PA) He was involved in the last-ditch relocation of that unit to Pittsburgh, but was in one of several helicopters shot down by a pair of M163s operating just north of Harrisburg. After that, Tyler's unit made their way north to Lewisburg, and joined elements of the 3/103 in various operations in that area.

Physical Description:
Age 25, with short black hair and moustache. Has fashioned a ghilly suit from various castoff materials. Off-duty wears shorts and muscle T, often in the coldest weather. He has a compact body, 5'10", 160#. He almost always has an ironic smile pasted on his face. At this time, he is the only known survivor of MAJ Tyler's unit.

Career Summary:
Was with CPT Tyler in the 101st Air Assault in the Gulf as a fresh out of the box PVT. Survived, and returned home aboard the Gulf Eagle with 1600 other fortunate souls. Tyler requested that Valdez be assigned to him when the 101st was struck from the books. Both men were transferred to the 28th Aviation BDE, 28th DIV (M) "The Bloody Bucket", stationed at Fort Indiantown Gap. Valdez was known as a pretty good shot during this deployment, but was assigned as an assistant M60 gunner. Tyler saw something in him, and when the need arose due to a casualty, Valdez was reassigned as a marksman, and was issued an M21.

Aviation BDE was mostly without helicopters from 2002 onward, so the BDE, some 500 strong, served in a variety of relief, security, and defensive actions in and around the State Capitol complex in Harrisburg. Valdez honed his skills as a sniper in the urban environment of that city.

Valdez has an attitude that can be summed up in the Mohammed Ali phrase "I am the GREATEST!". He also has a smart mouth. He has never hesitated to drop the hammer on one of his targets.

M21, M70 bolt action (7.62N version), .357 Magnum, switchblade, 2 ghilly suits. Has a knack for coming up with booze in the most unlikely situation. The same can be said for women -- he nearly always has some gal hanging off of him, only when off-duty of course.


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