The Keystone Division after WW3
Arrivals and Staff Meeting

cal .30 M1 Garand Rifle - The rifle that won WWII.  Recycled for post-WWIII use

8 MAY 2003 / 0300 hours
3/103 Camp, Halfway Dam
light drizzle, 45 degrees F

Refer to GTM here...

The contact of the APC and roughly 20-25 men was elusive. One minute they were seen, and the next they were gone, but Wiz and his little squad had more or less gotten a fix on them. The moon was on their side this night, and shone thru the drizzle, silhouetting (SP?) the unknown APC and infantry. Soon they disappeared behind a peak to the south.

the first peak EAST of X1983, just NORTH of the words TUSCARORA FM on the GTM.

They were nearly a mile away, and Wiz's better judgment prevailed. [GM -- OK, I rolled good for ya, Josh!] Wiz sent Irvine ahead with the squad and radio, with orders to observe them, and not make contact. It might take some time for Irvine to get into position. The Camp needed to know more about these unknown people and their vehicle, but Wiz's place was with the Camp, not charging into a trap. Irvine would report in every 30 minutes until reaching the APC and infantry, and keep Wiz informed.

Robbo's contact turned out to be a little more concrete, or flesh and blood, as it were. He and his volunteer man slinked forward a mere 60 meters into the woods when they encountered the source of the noise. Once there, they found 2 wounded people, a man and a woman, with two more dead a few meters behind them -- an old man and a child of about 8 years. Robbo had his volunteer man cover the woods ahead, while he dragged the man and woman, in turn, to safety. The man was armed with a shotgun and a few rounds, and the rest of this little group had but a few possessions on them.

The man said that they had spent the night climbing the mountains to the south, and had run into some soldiers who opened fire on them. His ultimate goal was to link up with some friendlies at Halfway Dam -- could he get some help for his family?

Robbo nods quietly, and gets Huey to take the pair to a safer location, bit away from the rest of the civvies & the CP (Need to have them talked to before allowing them into the general population.)

Before Huey leaves, Robbo instructs him to stay with the pair, until someone arrives to relieve him

Duey and friends should have arrived back at the OP by now, right? Well if not they now have!

Once Duey and company arrive at the OP, Robbo and 3 others head out to gather up the two dead. When the group get out to where the bodies lay, Robbo hefts the older man into a fireman's carry, and indicates for one of the others to pick up the child. Robbo then leads them back up the hill, with the spare two playing overwatch from the end. The bodies are taken up to a few metres behind the OP, and hidden under a poncho.

Robbo then heads back up to the CP, en route arranging a new sentry for the new pair, at least until the morning.

Man and woman have slight wounds. They carried the old man, who recently expired. The child has been dead for several hours... Irvine reported in like clockwork every 30 minutes, and should reach the peak in another 20-30 minutes. At 0600 hours, still no visual on the APC and infantry, but there was fresh litter, excrement, and other recent signs of humans on the north (up) slope...

8 MAY 2003 / 0609 hours
3/103 Camp, Halfway Dam
light drizzle, 45 degrees F

Refer to LM here...

A message came in from... Berger. He had made it to Scranton and back, and was returning with help. He seemed excited and relieved to be back, and cautioned Wu at least 5 times not to have the sentries open up on the two vehicles. "Yes, they're marked with Stryfe's emblem -- I'll explain later. Just don't light us up. We've been through... a lot". He explained that the vehicles were picking their way up the Sand Mtn. Rd, clearing a few trees and brush along the way. "Don't shoot! We have wounded aboard."

The vehicles passed the sentries at the intersection of Sand Mtn. Rd and Old Boundary Trail, and lo and behold, Berger was correct -- there was a HUMVEE mounting a .50 caliber HMG, and a shot-up Deuce and a Half, both of them adorned with Styfe's demonic skull inside the Keystone emblem. Berger rode at the .50 mount, only it hardly looked like him. But it was him...

Berger, and a few others jumped out, and were met with tension from the sentries. They barely recognized SGT Berger with his short hair (comb it with a washcloth), and lack of ponytail. Sean hobbled out, supporting himself on a staff to relieve his weight from his bandaged ankle. Finally, a short-statured American Indian in fatigues hopped out, and was greeted with a "ten-SHUN!" from Berger. The observant among the growing crowd of militia and civilians could perhaps spot the buff leaves on the Indian's lapels -- he was a Major.

It wasn't really how a potentially hostile situation should be handled, but the sentries SAID it was Berger. Wiz, Sherman, and Robbo discussed the how's, whys, and wherefores as they bumped along the road to the intersection in the HUMVEE. If things went bad, it would be a close-range firefight, and no one needed any more excitement after the sighting earlier that morning.

The core group of 3/103 personnel -- Wiz, Sherman, and Robbo, along with Hannah and SPC Yates, the medical people -- met Berger, Sean and the newcomers there at the intersection. The Major seemed more concerned with getting treatment for the wounded, of which there were several. Plus, the group had a prisoner, still groggy from his capture.

Berger broke the tension by introducing the American Indian officer. "Everyone, this is MAJOR Raven, from HQ. He masterminded the rescue of Sean and the rest of these men..." Berger was unsure of himself -- should he have said anything, and just let the Major introduce himself, or what. Well, what was done was done.... Berger looked so exhausted that a slight breeze could topple him over, as did most of the group pour from the HUMVEE and Deuce and a half.

There are some new "named" NPCs in the group:
SPC Anderson, driver
PVT Thomas, WIA, infantryman
PVT Wilkes, infantryman
"Scrolly", tall, talks a lot, sound and acts mentally ill

There are other "unnamed" NPCs in the group:
6 healthy, 9 WIA, 4 KIA

When Wiz approached, he nodded to Cunningham, a smile on his face. Then he looked at Berger, no smile but a great amount of respect for the man. Looking towards the Major, Wiz stood straight, and brought his hand, weakly, to his forehead. "I am happier than you know to see you." He waited for the Major to acknowledging him, before dropping his salute. "If you don't mind sir?" Wiz asked, already pointing SPC Yates and her crew towards the injured men. "Hannah," he says to the young woman, "Enlist the others," he motions towards the unwounded refugees, "to help you get the wounded up to the tents. And, when you can, get them some food," he winked slightly, "Thank you, Ms. Mordecai." Once the new men were taken care of, Wiz looked at the prisoner, to Sherman, then back at the prisoner, knowing Sherman would take care of the prisoner's imprisonment.

Finally, Wiz turned back to the Major. "Maj Raven, sir, when you are ready I must brief and debrief you many issues. And, if you are ready, I can show you up to our most recent of homes," he waved his hand up towards the camp.

The medical staff was already unloading and taking care of the wounded. An attractive young medic came up to him, and asked to see his wounds. He shook his head, "No SPC, I can wait, take care of the others first. They're hurt a lot worse than I am." He bowed his head as they started unloading the dead POW's from the back of the truck. "Poor Bastards", he muttered under his breath.

As he made his way to the front, Sgt Berger saw him coming up. He stiffened, and shouted, "ten-SHUN!". Maj Raven raised his hand, and said in a calm voice, "At ease, everyone. Let's save that for the parade field." Everyone seemed to relax a little, as Sgt Berger introduced him to the group. A soldier with silver bars on his collar walked up and saluted. "I am happier than you know to see you", he said. Raven slowly returned his salute, wincing slightly at the pain.

"You must be Lt Jackson", he said. "Sgt Berger told me about you, as well as most of the others. I asked him to fill me in on our way here." I hope the kid doesn't take my next bit of news too badly, he thought, nobody likes to have a command take away from them. He raised his voice slightly, so the rest of the group could hear.

"MG Applegate has sent me to take command of the 3/103rd. Sgt Berger has told us what you have all suffered, and what that bastard Stryfe has done. You have my solemn word, we will do everything possible to protect you."

"That may be," Wiz admits, "A bigger feat than you expect, Major, Sir."

Lt Jackson said, "With your permission, Major", and started giving orders to take care of he wounded. When he started to order one of the Sergeants to take care of the prisoner, Raven held up his hand, and interrupted him. "I want that man shackled, if possible, and held incommunicado. No one is to speak to him until I've questioned him."

"Of course Major," Wiz agrees, turning to Sherman and adding a 'make it so' nod.

The prisoner, a young-ish man wearing brightly polished major's leaves on his fatigues, seemed to be taking in quite a lot about his new environs... Until he was quickly hustled away.

Raven motioned Lt Jackson to follow him to the back of the Humvee. "LT, if you could gather a work party together, we have a lot of stuff to unload. Sgt Berger told us how desperate your situation is, so we didn't come here empty handed." He leaned his M21 against the Humvee, and pulled a sheet of paper out of his pocket. "This is a list of everything we brought. I just hope it's enough"

Wiz reviewed the list, and went wide-eyed with pleasure, as did the rest of the assembled group as the stuff was slowly unloaded and stacked.


500 rnds .50 cal
Doctors Medical Kit
2 BAR's each w/ 4 - 20 rnd mags
M1919 Browning Air-cooled MG w/ tripod
500 rnds 30.06
500 rnds 30.06 linked
4 M1911A1's, 3 mags each
500 rnds .45 ACP
10 - M1 Garand rifles
M79 w/ 20 rnds 40mm HEAT
20 OD Green uniforms, various sizes
20 Steel Helmets
4 - 2km Handheld radios
Arc Welder
2 IR Spotlights
6 IR Goggles
1 Case Dynamite
4 cases Claymore mines
2 cases Fragmentation Grenades
1 Case Smoke Grenades
1 Nato Heavy Tripod
Surgical Instruments
3 M72 LAW Rockets


He handed the inventory sheet to Lt Jackson. "There is one item on here which is NOT on the inventory, LT." He pointed at a long, cylindrical object in the back of the Humvee. "An M67 90mm Recoilless Rifle, with 6 rounds of HEAT. Don't ask me what I had to do to get it. Let's just say I acquired it outside of official channels. And I'm not sure how much of the .50 cal ammo and grenades we have left, we used a lot of them on the way here." He looked back at the riddled Deuce. "It was a hell of a ride."

About the time Raven looks at the Deuce, it's radiator sighs, and steam pours out from beneath the hood...

The 2 cases of grenades are untouched -- Berger's mayhem bags and various fun and games along the way on the trip used a third ( unlisted ) case of frags.

As for the .50 caliber, Berger shot up about 150 rounds of .50 cal, and loved every second of it...

The case of .45 ACP was untouched. Your grease gun ate what came with it, first...

Don't forget your mojo knockout juice -- 2 doses inhaled and 1 injected.... might be handy for major surgery -- or Major surgery, if it's ever needed...... ;)

Wiz was quite ecstatic about all the new equipment. He gave the drivers of the trucks a few directions and assured them Robbo would help them from there. "Robbo, I'm not really sure where all this is going to go at the moment, we're still unorganized. Find somewhere for now, and have it guarded. Soon we will find a permanent place for it. When you're done, come find me, we've a lot to do before the night is over. Dismissed," he says at last to Robbo.

Robbo nods to the LT then shakes his head as he heads over to the drivers, shivering in the cold.

"Right, lets see where we can store all this stuff. Follow me..."

With that Robbo starts to walk back up the track, towards the CP/Nature Center

I figure I'll stack this stuff under a tarp in the amphitheater, or against one (outside) wall of the CP. Any better ideas?

Against an outside wall of the CP it is, until further notice...

He rubbed his eyes. He had been up for almost 24 hours straight, and was dead on his feet. But there was still a lot to be done before he could grab some sack time. "LT, do you think you could scare up some coffee? It's been a long night, and it looks like we've got a long day ahead of us. I'd like to be awake when you brief me on your current situation. Also, sometime this afternoon, after I've been brought up to speed, I want to schedule a staff meeting. We have a lot of planning to do, if we're going to make this place defendable."

"Agreed. I'll show you our small HQ and let you get a look at our current maps and such. Pvt Wu can give you the basics. I am going to try and settle down the civilians...those shells really set everyone on end. I'll meet you with some coffee very soon." Wiz shows him towards the HQ before going off to find Big Jim and trying to settle everything down and get everyone, not on guard, asleep. If today was bad, tomorrow was going to be a lot worse. And he and the Major would be up all night. 'How great is leadership,' Wiz adds sarcastically to his own internal dialogue.

Maj Raven nodded his head in agreement. "That sounds fine, LT, but there is one last detail I need to take care of. Get Sgt Berger and Mr. Cunningham together, so we can have a quick powwow."

When Lt. Jackson had returned with the other men, Raven looked around to make sure no one else could overhear their conversation. "There are a few details of your captivity I want to keep secret for the moment. If anyone asks, just tell them you were captured, and that you were rescued and brought here. Keep the details to yourselves for now." He turned to Lt Jackson, "The reason I want this kept quiet is simple. From what Mr. Cunningham here has said, we have a mole amongst us. I don't want to alert him, until we can smoke him out."

As they made their way to the HQ, Maj Raven pulled another sheet of paper from his breast pocket. "I've made a few notes, from what Sgt Berger has told me about your personnel. When we have the staff meeting, these are the people I would like to attend;

Maj Raven
Lt Jackson
Sgt Sherman
Sgt Berger
Cpl Robinson
Cpl Wu
Spc Yates
Mr. Cunningham
Mr. De La Croix
Ms. Whittaker
Mr. Slade

"Also, if there is anyone else you think should be there, by all means include them. And one last thing is there anyone available who can handle a part-time Admin job? Someone who can handle paperwork, who doesn't already have their hands full?"

Wiz "volunteered" his longtime friend Jack Booker.

"What I would like to do is have the full staff meeting to put out the information I have, and get the ball rolling on plans for the camp. Then we dismiss most of them, except for us four, Sgt Sherman, and Cpl Robinson. There are things we need to discuss that I want to keep on a short list for now. Number one being, finding out who our mole is."

Sean is just going to check on Guinness and, clean up, get my ankle checked and redressed and get Scrolly settled in. Sean will be at the meeting at 9am, calm, cool, collected, and ready to skull f**k the traitorous SOB who has been giving away secrets!

Wiz nods, then takes the list and puts it in his pocket, agreeing to have it taken care of for the meeting. Assuming that the wounded are taken care of and fed, and that the civilians are settled back down Wiz moves on to getting coffee and briefing Raven about everything that has been going on. (Basically everything in the old stories and such.) Unless the Major says anything, Wiz will dismiss everyone but himself and the Major to sleep. The meeting will be immediately following breakfast (so 0900 hours? - what's normal breakfast time around here these days?).

[GM] Good question!
Breakfast 0700-0800, Lunch 1200-1300, Dinner 1700-1800. And depending on what end of the county you're from, Dinner can be lunch or supper. Confusing? Yes!



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