The Keystone Division after WW3
The Raven and the Phoenix - PT I

SGT Joyce Kilmer, father, poet, and casualty of WWI

Once again, Raven scoured the area with the NVG. There was no one, or nothing of note that could be sighted. Berger confirmed with his NVG. Thomas was in pain, and started moaning. Raven looked at his watch. He could jab the other dose of knockout drug into Thomas and give him relief, or maybe kill him. There were skilled medical personnel at the Camp, which was... 30 - 45 minutes away, Berger confirmed. Raven was about at his end. Berger looked a mess, and really it was just Berger and Anderson who hadn't been hit, out of the regular soldiers. Raven knew time spent contemplating was time that could be spent motivating...

He would keep pushing, never slowing, till he was atop that mountain, and could thumb his nose at Stryfe, Riverside, and whoever might stand in his way. He would take these people, work with them, mold them, and shape them into fighters and builders.

"Same deal as before -- gun it, don't stop for anything, and shoot the crap out of anything that pokes it's head up..."

Oddly, they crossed the Susquehanna at Lewisburg over to the West Milton side, one vehicle at a time, in case the thing collapsed, without incident. The bridge held, and both vehicles sped through Kelly Township, heading for Halfway Dam...

OK, here are the results of the little trivia quiz I offered a few weeks back:

1) Name the author who penned this little snippet: (easy)

"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree..."

ANSWER: Joyce Kilmer

2) What does the above quote have to do with the game? (easy-medium)
(extra prize awarded for COMPLETENESS, or a very DETAILED answer)

ANSWER: The Joyce Kilmer Natural Area is in the area south west of RB Winter, near Weikert PA, home of a nice gun range and a "good eats, cheap" clubhouse (Chuck?)

That's the basic answer. But there's more. Logging was a big industry in this area of PA circa 1850-1930, hence the numerous State Parks, Natural Areas, and CCC Camps. The resources of the area -- timber, water, fish, and game -- make it a natural place to succeed at surviving, granted with some work involved.

Finally, someone actually remembered that there was a Scientific Research Station there, (SRS-17), staffed and funded by Penn State University. There might be some interesting bits and pieces there, but that's another story...

3) What did Berger say the meaning of "Susquehanna" was, and how does this relate to the game? (easy)

ANSWER: "Very wide river". or "Mile Wide River" (like the Susquehanna, Tuscarora, or Wyoming Indians used "miles" as a measure...

Again, back to the altered environmental conditions in post-WWIII PA, the Susquehanna River is even more of a barrier to movement in the Mid-State area. Lack of flood control further north (Scranton-Wilkes Barre), and the effects of a late melt of record snowfall (not to mention other effects of "nuclear winter"), has caused the river to become deeper and wider than RL 2001. This worked for the characters, by keeping the mutineers at bay for awhile, but then worked against them, as when Sean and Berger went to Scranton, and Raven came from there.

4) (Risking ANY connection to lame-assed TV) Who is the mole / traitor in the 3/103 Camp, and list at least 3 pieces of evidence that brought you to this conclusion. (hard)

ANSWER: There were some good guesses, with compelling evidence. However, there was nothing conclusive determined at this point as to the identity of the mole / traitor. And as this hasn't been played out IC, I'm not giving anything up, yet...

Ben, would I really pit Hannah against the group, or worse, against you? You bet I would!...

5) There are several potentially useful tunnels in the area that were mentioned in the story. (Wayyy back...) One was used by the Indians, the others had to do with railroading. Name any or all. (Multiple answers = multiple prizes). (hard)

Petey Slade mentioned some tunnels in the area of Freeburg, where he and his family escaped to after getting burned out of their house. Another small tunnel, really a glorified cave, is the unfinished railroad tunnel through Poe Paddy Mountain, in the park of the same name.

RESULTS: There were 4 questions answered correctly. Remember, if 3 people got #1 right, it only counted for 1 correct answer. All in all you did well, and I appreciate you taking the time to do this. I wanted you to have the chance to earn something additional, but I wanted it to relate to OUR game, and not be stuff like "What NATO nation has females serving in a Regular Army, front-line unit?" (I'm sure Ed is shuddering with revulsion at this...)

So, 4 correct answers nets you any combination of A) additional intel, rumors, etc.(base 70% accuracy), and/or B) probably locations of devices, vehicles, equipment, technology for scrounging. Think as big or as small as you want. (again 70% accuracy). Both types of information will come in the form of info from newcomers to camp, documents found, prisoners, etc.

So cast your votes, and come to a decision as a group.

I think that I shall never see...


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