The Keystone Division after WW3
Where's the Fire(house)?!?!?

Penn Tech area

Penn Tech area (ZOOM)

To recap, Bruno was currently in a standoff at the Liberty Rescue Station in South Williamsport PA. The station was located at Maynard Street and Riverside Drive, S. Williamsport. Williamsport and S. Williamsport were cooperating under an uneasy truce.

Bruno, Police LT Erickson, and Jimmy Elkhorn, a neo-hippie techie made the trip at the request of the Rev. Dr. Matthias (Bruno's patron and a member of the Williamsport Town Council). It was hoped that this gesture on their part would lead to increased cooperation between the two neighbors. The contacts Bruno made at Liberty Rescue (other than the patients) were mayor Tom Faros, and two orderlies, Bill and Ben.

Bruno had done an outstanding job patching up some of the more severely wounded, including the amputation of a person's leg. Bruno was about to drink a well-deserved beer, and get some well-deserved rest when three men entered the station, and commanded Bruno to put on some handcuffs. Bruno had heard a motorized vehicle arrive only minutes earlier, and thought little of it. Bruno's refusal led to a scuffle in the bays of the fire station. Currently, Bruno has downed/injured one of the 3, a second one more or less was under control with an armlock on him and M16 to the back of his head. The third person was in pursuit of Bruno, somewhere within the fire station. Additionally, it seemed that there were more hostile individuals outside, because as LT Erickson attempted to warn Bruno, he was knocked out (or worse). After Bruno had the altercation with the 3 goons inside, there was more shouting / running / noise from outside. No word on Jimmy Elkhorn at the moment.

The building was roughly 40m x 40m. The 3 bay doors had been sandbagged nearly to the top, and some scaffolding behind that supported an area for lookouts. In front, there was also a regular door, which was sandbagged and roofed, with a "dog leg" in it's length to prevent a direct shot into the building. Bruno came in through a similar back entrance, down a hallway, through a door into the mess area, and into the bay area.

The support areas were in the rear of the fire station. From the back door that Bruno entered, there was a hallway stretching nearly the width of the bays. On the left, in order from that door (with approx. dimensions Bruno didn't enter every area on the way in...) was the Chief's office(8m x 8m), his/hers restrooms(2m x 6m), a lounge area(5m x 8m), a mess hall(10m x 8m), and a kitchen/storage(8m x 15m) area. Doubtlessly, there were other areas upstairs. Bruno saw stairs from the bay area, as well as the obligatory fireman's pole, but Bruno weren't upstairs for a look.

9 MAY 2003 / 1845 hours
Liberty Fire & Rescue
South Williamsport, PA
Overcast, w/ low fog cover

The mess hall, where Bruno currently was, served as the hub of the support area of this building. The north door lead to the support area hallway, the west door, to the kitchen (also a French door over a counter), the south door, to the bay area, and the east door, to the lounge.

Williamsport, aka. Billtown area

Billtown and S. Williamsport

The three hostile people were led into the fire station by Mayor Faros, but he seemed to be an unwilling participant in these events. He looked embarrassed, and apologetic, and gave you the sense that he was not only afraid of these men, but he also was afraid of whatever your friends across the river might do to his people in retaliation for what was happening.

Bruno had an armlock on the guy for about 20 seconds now, and nearly lost it once or twice. Bruno was able to sandwich the M16 in between the two of them Bruno charged him. Bruno wrestled it more or less into his control, and now had it pointed at the back of the guy's head. As Bruno recollected, the other 2 were armed with SMG's, and from some old pictures of WWII British Tommies, He thought the weapons resembled STEN guns -- crude, yet effective. The other two men remained in the bay area, or at least that's where they were when Bruno backpedalled out of there.

Some yelling continued outside. About the only things Bruno heard was constant foul language, and the word "hostages".

I've detemined that you have your .38 snubbie tucked away, with 6 rnds in it, the liberated M16, a Gerber multitool, and your mini maglite. The rest of your stuff is out in the bay area, still in some disarray after being used. Your brain (and your aching arm) is telling you that you won't be able to muscle this guy around forever. You're bigger than he is, but...

Looking around, Bruno caught the stairs going up out of the corner of his eye. "Listen Asshole" he yelled to the guy, "I will pull the freaking *trigger* if you attempt *anything*, you so far as *turn* wrong, I will pull it, now move towards the *stairs*"

"I won't try anything! I don't wanna get hurt, but I'm tellin' ya, man, you are way, WAY outclassed. We weren't about to hurt you. At least not a few minutes ago..."

"What do you mean you weren't going to hurt us? Think about it man, you approach me with armed men, and my partner outside screams for help, and I hear him get knocked cold. What am I to expect. I refuse to be prisoner for people, especially the ones I came across in peace for."

Bruno walked the man up the stairs, and gave the guy a good solid butt stroke to the back of his head, attempting to knock him out.

[ooc] Bruno should know a spot.

The man turned slightly, and caught it in the side of the head. "Jeez, whadya go and do that f..." The man collapsed in a heap on the floor.

Bruno then looked at his surroundings, staying out of window view.

9 MAY 2003 / 1846 hours
Liberty Fire & Rescue
South Williamsport, PA
Overcast, w/ low fog cover

Bruno had no trouble finding something with which to tie the man. He quickly shredded a sheet into strips, and bound the man's hands, and feet, and gagged him to boot.

The sound of feet shuffling on loose gravel and poorly-maintained pavement rebounded around in the small courtyard formed by the fire station and the other buildings in the area. From the sounds alone, Bruno guessed it might be maybe 1 or 2 people in that area.

The large .9m x 2m windows had been sandbagged, allowing only a smaller opening, perhaps .3 meters squared. There were 3 such windows in each wall, except for the center one in the south wall. This one had been taken up with improvised piping from a homemade woodstove. It looked like a little more than a metal barrel with some aluminum raingutter material for a smokestack. A poorly-done job from the looks of it. A few homemade stools were there, as well as 4 folding privacy screens, cheap aluminum frames with rough cloth over them. They were made of 2 square frames, 2m to a side, and hinged in the middle. These had been pushed along the west wall, out of the way. There were cots for 15 people here, all of them apparently used recently. Two card tables, a few old rickety lawn chairs, and several crates completed the shabby furniture of the place.

There were several footlockers, all of them padlocked. Personal nick-nacks (nothing looked valuable), some ratty old dog-eared magazines, and a few mugs and bowls were scattered about.

Bruno grabbed several of the footlockers and barricaded the door quickly, and roughly.

The building was roughly 40m x 40m. The obligatory brass firepole was adjacent to the stairway, and connected the 2nd story with the ground floor, just to the right of the engine bay. The front of the station was located north of you, at Riverside Drive, and Maynard Street was to your right/east. Across Riverside from you were ruins of several cheap storage units, all smashed and burned. In some places it was just concrete slab there, and little else. This afforded a view of the river in some places.

The courtyard was south of you, and across it's 50m width was a burned out warehouse. Right across from a firehouse. Ironic. To your left/west, across a 10m couryard / wide alley, was a one storey cinderblock building, a garage from the looks of it. The doors and bay window were all smashed, and several "crunched" cars (as in from a junkyard) are jammed into the window and doors at very unsettling angles, as if some giant from mythology had it in for the owner of the place.

East across Maynard St. was the remains of a theater, the giant marquee a remnant from perhaps the 1950's. It would have been attractive except for the fact that it was detached from the front of the building, and was now a shattered jumble in the street. If that wasn't enough, the theater had been partially burned and the roof was caved in.

During his cursory glance out the windows, Bruno saw two men in dark fatigues standing in the courtyard, over a motionless LT Erickson. They appeared to be scanning the 2nd story of the firehouse. Nearby was a black HUMVEE. That vehicle had a curious emblem on one door -- a horned black skull on a field of red. No people were seen to the west. A lone man wandered aimlessly on Riverside Drive, and on Maynard street, a black van, and a camouflaged pickup were parked near the theater. Again, Bruno noticed the black horned skull emblem on the HUMVEE. The angle of the van didn't allow that vehicle to be seen completely.

"McAlto! MCALTO!" yelled a man with a grating voice. It was bad enough that the man had an annoying voice, but did he also have to butcher Bruno's name? "We din't wanna hurt ya. We were gonna go easy on ya. But you had to play Mr. Toughguy. Well, we've got your friends hostage out here. You have thirty seconds to throw out any weapons and come on down. And no funny stuff. After that..."

Bruno expected nothing less than what actually came out of the scratchy-voiced man's mouth.

"After that, we pop the cop..."

Bruno heard the bolt of some weapon being cha-CHICKED! back and forth.

"McAlton... I'm counting..."

Bruno thought about sneaking out of the firehouse, maybe getting to theater without being spotted.

Looking out at the cop, and the 2 figures standing next to him, Bruno checked to see which one has a gun placed on the cop, or IF he can see the one yelling his name so poorly. He aims for him (If he sees the leader, he aims for him, if not, the one with the gun over Erickson. He then yells.

Then you aim at the one with a pistol pointed 3 feet away from Erickson's head.

"Hows this, asshole! I grew up on the streets, the only survival I care for is my own. Pop the cop, I pop my hostage! BUT, it will only be after I kill You!... or one of your men! Think about it, 2 or 3 of you, for my 1 man. Your call."

Bruno, kept his aim steady, and waited for them to make their move.

Then you aim at the one with a pistol pointed 3 feet away from Erickson's head. Apparently, this is *not* the one doing all of the talking.

It was difficult for Bruno to see everything. He was trying to keep down so as to avoid getting shot. The first man kept talking as he walked back, apparently intending to end up behind the HUMVEE. As he did this, the second dragged an unresisting Erickson along. Both will be behind the HUMVEE by your next move, unless you wish to interrupt them...

At the same time, you hear quite a bit of clattering around downstairs. You begin to feel as if you are trapped, and there is little way out. And that something is burning in the firehouse...



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