The Goat

Pete "Petey" Slade:

Pete Slade was born in 1980, and grew up in Freeburg, a small rural community in Central PA. He spent much of his early years hunting, fishing, and hiking through the beautiful forests and mountains of the area. A favorite place for Petey to get away from parents, school, and the world was the Old Indian Caves, near his home in Freeburg.

He was of above average intelligence, but knew after graduation in 1998, that college wasn't really for him. So instead, he took a job at a local furniture factory, which paid the bills and left him a little spending money to have fun with. One great plus was that Pete had alot of time to devote to his hobbies and other interests, without having many responsibilities. It was a great time for fun...

In March of 2000, Pete met the love of his life, Annie Wickerson, and six months later, married her. About five months after that, his son was born. Pete's days of minimal responsibility were over. He decided to give up some of his free time to the PA Army Reserves / National Guard, by changing his enlistment to active status. This would bring in a little more money for his new family.

The first half of 2001 found the US under attack from Mexico, Nicaragua, and other countries "south of the border", by the Federation del Sud. Pete's unit, Company C, is mobilized and thrown into what later became known as The Second Battle of Gettysburg(July 29-30, 2001). The Battle was a desperate attempt by outnumbered units of the Keystone Division to halt Federation del Sud troops at the PA-MD border. The Company was poorly supported, and although it ended the FS attacks, there were very few veterans of the battle who survived to tell about it. Pete returned home to find his wife and child hiding in the mountains, and his house and his community in ruins. While he was away, marauding bands had stripped the Central Susquehanna Valley nearly clean of food, vehicles, technology, and other equipment -- literally anything of value was either taken or destroyed. After seeing to his family's safety, Pete began planning. Thankfully his favorite weekend project, a Pontiac GTO he was restoring, was well-hidden in an abandoned cabin in the woods atop a mountain, and was untouched by the scavenging bands. His anger over the situation nearly ate him up. He recovered the GTO, rounded up a few friends, and...

Mossberg 12 gauge pump shotgun, 8 rnds. in gun, bandolier of 25 shotgun shells(12 gauge, 00 buckshot), 2- box of 25 shotgun shells (12 gauge, 00 buckshot), pair of sai, 18" Bowie knife w/ Staghorn grips, .357 Magnum(taken from a BAD person), (only has the 6 rounds in the gun), 4x binoculars, 2- personal medical kits, A Pontiac GTO(needs work almost daily, but powerful & fast) sleeping bag (winter), alpine parka, camo poncho, your paintball Tiger Stripe BDUs, Black Nike High Tops, Mirrored sunglasses, Basic Tool Kit(small hand tools), Wheeled Vehicle Tools(for Vehicle repair and maintenance), Construction Tools(for woodworking / building construction), canned food (1 person for 1 week), 20 kG C-4 Plastic Explosive (from Green Beret contact), Demolitions kit(from contact)

a Timex watch worth $50, 4- pieces of diamond jewelry worth a total of $250.

$120 in small bills

the GTO has been converted to use alcohol as fuel, and has a full tank. It is hidden and booby-trapped with C4 in the old Indian Caves...


Copyright 1998,1999, 2000 by ERIC... Daddy, poet, musician, and gentleman scholar. All Rights Reserved