When John Sherman left school to go to college, he had grand ideals of becoming a lawyer. His parents were very proud and both had worked long hours in their small butcher shop to pay their sons tuition fee's. John worked quite a few odd jobs and on the advice of some college buddies, ended up joining the local National Guard unit which was a Military Police Company of the 28th Division. Initially John joined simply because he thought he would make a little money and the training times did not clash with his college courses. But he found he enjoyed what the Guard had to offer and endured the jibes of his class mates at being a 'weekend warrior'.

Johns college ideals were not to be met though. He studied hard but found the courses very difficult. He finally admitted to his parents he was not cut out to become lawyer. Truth to be told John Sherman knew he wasn't smart enough. John had no idea what to do with his life until a friend in the Guard, who was a State Trooper asked if John had thought about joining. The Pennsylvania State Police were recruiting at the moment and maybe he should apply.

John did so. And was accepted and enrolled at the Academy. The training was hard but John enjoyed it and completed his training. His first posting was with Troop H in Harrisburg. In between his normal duties as a trooper John was also assigned to the Pennsylvania State Police Ceremonial Unit. The Ceremonial Unit consisted of a Color Guard, Casket Team, and a Firing Detail. The Unit provided services at the funeral of a deceased active member or a deceased retired member. In addition, the Color Guard would respond to requests for appearances at parades and ceremonies. John liked the work and took great care in his presentation and appearance as he considered the work very important in fostering good public relations.

During this time John met his wife who was working in the Governors Office. The two were soon to be married and shortly afterwards John's wife gave birth to a baby girl. It was a good time in John Sherman's life. But it was not to last long. John returned home one night to find his friend Detective Jack Martigen waiting for him. His first words of "there's been a terrible accident..." struck a chill chord in John. He looked to the open garage and saw that his wife's car was not there. John was to find out that both she and his daughter had been killed by a drunken driver. The driver just a young kid who had had a couple of drinks and a few joints survived but his three passengers were killed. They were on their way home from a friends 21st birthday party. A terrible tragedy for all concerned.

John was devastated. In order to cope he devoted himself more to his job. He asked for a transfer and was assigned to Troop E in Erie. But he was no longer the same man. He performed his duties but his fellow troopers noted that he could be very cold and was a stickler for doing things exactly by the book. John Sherman saw things as either black or white. His rigid and unbending views caused a lot of grief as John would handle any situation exactly to the letter of the law. Be it an elderly lady parking illegally in a disabled car space or an encounter with an armed offender. If someone broke the law it didn't matter why. They were all criminals and deserved the same treatment.

Towards the end of 1999, after the bombing of Independence Square in Philadelphia. The so called "Long Hot Summer" brought an increase in terrorist activities throughout the whole country. About this time John's National Guard unit the 28th Division was being called up for deployment to Saudi Arabia. Although as a serving State Trooper John would normally have been excluded from service, but he happened to be on the Guards yearly two week exercise. And as all those that become involved with the military know screw ups happen. Instead of going to the Gulf, John and his entire Guard MP Company were moved to Philliy to help out the local Police Department maintain civil order.

About this time the world started to go crazy. Countries started fighting one another and those that could started nuking one another.

More and more the National Guard became involved in what would have otherwise been solely the responsibility of the police. Public protests became more violent. The police admitted to an inability to control these protests. Many which were well organised by a variety of terrorists/militia groups or any other number of causes that had a score to settle with the government. So the Guard would be called in to quell the disturbances. Armoured vehicles on the streets, barbed wire, road blocks all became common sights to the civilian population. Towards the end of 2001 the 28th Division returned from Saudi Arabia and was given overall charge of maintaining internal security in the PA area.

Measures for ensuring civil order became more harsh to combat the growing unrest. Jails were soon overcrowded, temporary facilities were hastily erected to contain growing numbers of protesters, suspects persons, foreign detainee's and a plethora of petty criminals. Summary execution by firing squad of those found guilty of looting or any other crime against people or property were now common place. Military justice was harsh and brutal. John Sherman found himself involved in many such instances, weather or not they helped to control things or made them even worse, John did not care to give much thought to the subject. The Army's official line was to regard these instances as "necessary but regrettable". John knew that the army was not best suited for the role it now found itself in. An army is trained to fight and kill the enemy not to control its own civilian population.

For the next year things continued but each month losses mounted, supplies grew more scarce, normal things like the mail, TV news or the power, became more haphazard until they just seemed to stop. Police and Guard units did not have the manpower to exert control, except around their own cantonments. In most cases the personnel in such units were simply unable or uninterested to do so. John's Military Police Company now controlled the small area around the Bryn Mahrr College Campus. The constant rioting petered out. There was simply not anything else left worth fighting over. The city of Philadelphia had been devastated, a ruined shell in which anarchy was all that remained.

2003. The winter was rough. Disease and starvation took a heavy toll. Both Johns parent's were now dead. His father killed when looters burnt down the family butcher store after finding nothing to take and his mother dying in one of the frequent epidemics scourging the countryside. John had a sister in New York. He had spoken with her last about two years ago on the phone. She had told him that her and her husband had planned on taking the kids up to Maine. John has not heard anything from them since.

John contemplates his future. Things have changed so much. His friend Jack Martigen, the one time Detective now Major of the MP unit. Who so many years ago in another life delivered the terrible news of his wife's death. Was another one of the countless victims of a cholera outbreak. His replacement a drunken brute of a man by the name of Captain Ralston. The ex-prison guard was draconian to the extreme. All crimes punishable by death and the property of offenders confiscated to pay their 'legal' costs. He commanded more like a feudal lord than a military officer. John then heard that Ralston had planned to attack a local hospital.

This was the last straw for John Sherman. He just no longer believed in what he was doing. So one night with a few friends he made a decision. Right or wrong he deserted his post, his unit and his responsibilities.

Physically John is tall at 6'4. His hair is close cropped and he would be best described as being lean and fit. He has piercing a stare, combined with his stature and usually immaculate dress and bearing he can be very intimidating. John has his very own rigid belief system and can appear cold and emotionless to strangers. He has built up a shield to protect himself from the reality of New America. And will focus on the needs of others in order to make up for his inadequacies and self doubts.

SSG John Sherman, Age 31.
College, State Law Enforcement(and Reserves) x2

UNIT:MP Company, 56th Brigade, 28th Mechanized Division
INIT = 3, RADS = 24

STR6fishing 2, stealth 3
AGL6instruction 1, wheeled vehicle 2
CON6pistol 3, rifle 3
INT5unarmed cbt 2, observe 3
EDU5horse 3, Leader 2
CHA5interrogation 2


3 HC grenades, 3 CS grenades, 2 CO grenades, Kevlar vest and helmet, M92 Beretta w/ 3 15rd magazines, Box 50rds 9mm, 12 guage pump action shotgun (8 rd mag), Box 18rds 12 ga OO buckshot, 3 changes BDU's, 2 personal medkits, 7x5 tarp, gas mask 2km hand radio (PRC-68)

Valuables: wedding band ($100), wifes wedding band ($150), engagement ring ($750)

Cash: $50 in 1s,5s and 10s. Also $10 roll of quarters.


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