Steven Collins (SC) Raleigh

This man befriended Sean Cunningham while both were held prisoner in the Freeland Coal Mining Complex. It became apparent that "Scrolly" was mentally ill. Sean is no psychologist, but Scrolly seemed affected by the time of day; namely, at night his abnormal behaviors surfaced and increased in their intensity. These included delusional episodes, paranoia, aggression, and the use of neologisms (literally, new turns of phrase, these are expressions that are meaningless to outsiders, but that have strong emotional and psychological content for the person who coins them.) Sean correctly identified Scrolly as a "sundowner" -- by day, Scrolly seemed more or less normal, perhaps slightly depressed. Hey, who ISNT slightly depressed in 2003...

A brief sample of a one-sided conversation between Scrolly and Sean might give a clue into who SC Raleigh is:

[SC] Scrolly... Scrollyscrollyscrolly... Berger.... yeah, plays jazz, ha! Lewisburg...

I guess you don't like Jazz huh???

Not a bit. He's a Lewis-Berger cos he'd from Lewisburg... c'mon.... Looey hocking Armstrong.... Dizzy assed Gillespie...

ya I don't like Jazz either

Friederick freakin' Chopin... Oh that one's a Classic. Put it on my Tombstone. But I'm in no dyinghurry.

so how do you know Berger is a musician?

jazz is overintellectualized rap music... Berger played the Marina -- but there were no Marines there...

so you saw him there before the shit?

Yeah, I'm invaded by your spudvoicethoughts, I'm not stupid. I remember everyone i meet... What'd you say your name was? Ya want that chocolate bar?...

Scrolly is 6'9", 165#, and looks even thinner than he really is. He has a rather gaunt face, prominant cheekbones, and long, thin fingers. When Sean met him, Scrolly was dressed in an Army coat, (28th DIV patch on shoulder, SPC 4 chevrons, and nametape SC RALEIGH). He usually wears this army coat, some cotton gymshorts, and ripped up sneakers. He will accept other clothing, but won't wear it. He has two tatoos, one on either arm. One reads "Fuck you all", and the other "God is my pimp"...

28TH DIV records list two persons with last name RALEIGH. SA, and SC. SA is SC's father, and is a 56 year old CPT in HHQ, 3/103 Armored. SC is 32, an anti-armor infantryman SPC4 in A Company, 3/103. Both lived in Sunbury. Apparently the father is MIA since the DEC 2002 mutiney.

Scrolly appears meek and timid, but Sean saw him use his great size and leverage to an advantage while POW at Freeland. He at least had the mental clarity to substitute another prisoner for Sean when it was time to face a firing squad.


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