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The Keystone Division after WW3
Submission Guidelines and Administrative BS

Assistance is available for those who do not own TWILIGHT 2000. Simply E-Mail me at the address below. Several changes have been made to the rules. If in doubt about something, just ask!

Berger was supposedly put on probation at Shippensburg Univ. for fastroping down the Field House one night...

Players are free to make their character what they want, within REASON. Rambos, Arnolds, John Waynes, Jean-Claude Van Dammits, Steven Sea-gulls, and other SUPERHERO-type characters can be expected NOT to be RECRUITED. Skills other than weapons/martial arts will be necessary to succeed in this game. The Focus of the Game, as stated earlier, will be equal parts of warfare, problem solving, and REBUILDING...

M2 Bradley

Player Guidelines:

1. Remember - we're all here to have fun.

2. Please check your email often. Please post at least every couple of days. If you can't devote time to the game for awhile (finals week, on vacation, other life stuff), please let the GM know. He will NPC your character and/or make other arrangements.

3. Everyone is responsible for *only* their own character. Please do not script or run anyone else's character. Allow others to respond for themselves.

4. Do not change the game-world. In this game, this especially means to stick to the "Future History of the World" as outlined in the BACKGROUND section. This game world is SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT than the usual European-based T2K game many of us have played and enjoyed. Many things outlined in the "official" T2K books, NEVER happened, or happened differently, or at a different time.

This also means don't create non-GM approved NPCs. If you feel the need for an NPC, or other changes to the gaming-world, ask the GM offline. Also, don't re-write the history between 1998 (real-life), and 2003, ie. Say, (in real life) the U.S. invaded Upper East Bumbum this morning. That DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean that the same thing happened in THE GAME. Read the Background section thoroughly. Use this as a basis for "detail" in your posts.

5. Please check your posts for proper spelling and grammar. No one's perfect, but we are writing a collective story. Choose your words carefully, and avoid misunderstandings.

6. Times are in Military Time. Use the 2400 hour clock. Dates are in the form DD MMM YY. See the Glossary.

7. If you receive a CLASSIFIED assignment, or are given OOC information, please DON'T send it to the whole list.

8. In some cases, the GM will rewrite your posts for clarity, or to allow characters to act on information the GM generates, die rolls, etc.

9. Cooperate!!! ALL PLAYERS WILL WORK TOGETHER (even if their CHARACTERS are at odds). The game is set up such that no ONE character will be ABLE to survive on his/her own. Troublesome PLAYERS will be expelled. Troublesome CHARACTERS walk a THIN LINE between being "interesting" and being "a pain in the neck". Do NOT have fun at another player's expense.

10. Avoid Profanity. Free Speech, Free Net, all that Rot... Granted, this is a tough, nasty, gritty, bleak (whatever) game environment. One look at the Glossary should give everyone a feel for these facts. By the same token, nobody enjoys reading paragraph after paragraph of the "F" word. Think of a more creative / descriptive way of conveying WHAT a character is saying and HOW they are saying it when s/he swears. If in doubt, leave it OUT!

Please use the following standards when posting. These were developed so that we can all read and understand what is happening in each post. Posts should be written in a story format, using the third person("John jumped into the ditch", not "I jumped into the ditch"). Also, please use the past tense ("John fired his M16", not "John fires his M16").

Post what you'd LIKE your characte to do, not what you THINK he/she can do. The GM will determine probabilities, roll dice, consult the stars, and give you the results.

If a player is unsure of the results of an action, s/he can use a format such as the following to allow for uncertainties:

IF (condition) THEN (action), ELSE (action)

For example:
IF John sees any vehicles coming up the trail toward the bridge,
THEN contact Captain Smith, and blow the bridge
ELSE allow pedestrians to cross the bridge until John destroys it at 1730 per his orders.

Just keep them fairly simple -- We're gamers, not computer programmers. OK, some of us are, or were, but that's another story...

A sample post is at the end of this section.

Chow time!!!

BB: Subject - Use this in the EMail Subject line. That way we'll all know our game-related Email from the 100's of other things that grace our INBOXs. You may be creative in a title for the particular action / scenario / mission, as you see fit.

Date/Time: The Current Date/Time in the Mission (Date is in DD MMM YY format, ie. 01 AUG 03 = August 1st, 2003)
Time is in Military format, ie. 0025 is 12:25 AM, 1645 is 4:46 PM.

Location: Where the Action Happens

[Player Name, or Character Name, or OOC, etc.] - Use this to signify whether what follows is from the Player, the Character, Out Of Character (OOC) question / comment / pun / joke, etc.

[Results or Response from Whomever] - Use this to show that results or a response is needed and from whom. This includes results from the GM.

Sign off of each post like this:

Character's Name, Character's Call Sign/Nickname,
Character's Assignment

EXAMPLE: (Jon plays the character Boomer)

Subject: BB: All's Quiet on the SW of Lebanon

31 JUN 03/0500
Outside Enemy Camp, SW of Lebanon, PA

[Boomer] Boomer, having left his pack and M16 back with the others, approached the camp, crawling ever so slowly. The only equipment he wore was his combat harness, with a few grenades in the pouches. His only weapon was a suppressed Browning 9mm, which he held in his sweating, yet icy-cold hands.

"Sentries are asleep", he thought to himself. "Good thing - I'm sure they could probably hear my heart pounding at this distance..."

[Jon ooc] Can Boomer tell if there's an MG or other support weapon at the sentry post?

[GM Response?]

[Jon ooc]
IF there IS NOT a MG, etc. there, THEN:

[Boomer] Using the SEAL hand gestures, Boomer signaled the others in the group that there are 3 sentries, all asleep, and that they should move forward.

[Jon ooc]
IF there IS a MG or other heavy weapon at the bunker, THEN:
[Boomer] Boomer signaled Big Jim to shred the heavy weapons position with his LAW-80.

[Big Jim Response?]

[Jon ooc]
Assuming Big Jim let's 'er fly:

After the rocket exploded, Boomer raced into the compound, looking for the commo shack, a "Willy-Pete" grenade in his left hand, and the "Hush Puppy" pistol in his right...

[GM Response?]

SGT. Han Berger, "Boomer"
Demolitions, Recon Team Alfa

- . - . - . - . - . - . - . - . -

Remember, Rule #1 is Let's have Fun!

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Direct any questions, comments, etc. to the GM.

Place the notation BB:(whatever subject) in the subject line of your message.
Email Bloody Bucket GM


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