Damian Robinson AKA Robbo:

Born in Brisbane Australia, on October 3rd 1973, Damian was an only child. Rebelling agains his father's dislike of firearms and the military in general, he joined the army at age 17 (1990), after his parents had divorced. He served in the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment as a rifleman straight out of Recruit training, and was part of the deployment to Somalia (1991). He was then Posted to 6 RAR in December 1992 as a Battalion Signaller.

When his enlistment was up in December 1994, he discharged and travelled to the United States, in order to gain training as a Gunsmith/Armourer (there are no courses available in Australia). Upon the completion of his course he decided to stay in America to gain more experience before returning to Australia to start his own shop, or work for a gunstore.

After he had gained what he though was enough work experience, Damian planned to return to Brisbane. But before he could get out of the US, the war broke out and he was stuck in Pittsburgh. As he attempted to get to the West Coast, in order to attempt to return to Australia, he was shanghied into a local National Guard unit.

The unit was E Co. 1/110th Mech Inf, HQ'd in Canonsburg, SW of Pittsburgh, right off of RT 79. The 1/110th was subordinate to the 2nd BDE, 28th Division, PANG.

The entire area had been hit hard by the chaos after the nuclear exchange. At first he was put to work as an armourer and general hand, but when the commander discovered his background several months later, he was back in a squad.

Over time he managed to work his way into the platoon command group with his good radio knowledge and general competence all round. It was in this role that he went to war during the Mexican Invasion. He fought in the final mop up of The 2nd Battle of Gettysburg, and in several skirmishes against marauders.

Fortunately, Robbo had some E&E skills as the platoon was caught in an marauder ambush near Carlisle, and almost destroyed. Robbo was one of the few survivors to escape death, injury, or even worse, capture.

Since then he has worked his way around PA, hoping to find some way of returning to Australia, or at least some information on the fate of this family.

Ex Australian Infantry
INIT = 4, RADS = 15
STR6W.Vehicle 3, Swim 3, Area Knowledge(Pittsburgh) 2
AGL5cycle 2, intrusion 1, grenade lchr 2
CON6stealth 3, rifle 4, pistol 2
INT8U/A melee 2, thr wpn 1, machinist 1
EDU3commo 4, med 1, scrounge 2
CHA6gunsmith 4, survival 2

The Army stuff was in short supply. Alot of this Robbo accumulated thru sporting goods stores before everything went to hell. The rest was from his stint with the 1/110th. A thing or two actually came courtesy of the RAR...

SA58 Rifle(full auto mod), 6- 30rnd mags, plus add'l 40rnds 7.62N, Glock 21 .45, 4-10rnd mags, plus add'l 150rnds .45ACP.

8'x60" hunting blind, (with mossy oak shadow branch pattern), Night Blaster headlamp,(2 extra bulbs, 2 changes batteries), Leatherman Supertool, SOG Autoclip knife(serrated),

mossy oak coveralls and jacket, black thermal sweatshirt, khaki shorts, good quality hunting boots, mossy oak boonie hat, 2- Australian Hootchi, USA steel helmet(old style), small arms tools, basic tool kit. Zeiss Optic 7x40 binocs. 2- personal medical kit.

5/25km radio PRC-77, Midland speak easy M FRS radio w/ headset mike(1 spare set batteries), lensatic compass, Remington Shooting glasses, Eagle Industries Camelbak Canteen.

a pocket CP...(its an A5 size folder/clipboard (about 6 in wide by 8 in deep), with a waterproof paper notebook and a vui-toi with the 1/110 MI Bttn radio procedures and forms on it. Plus lots of chinagraph pencils, normal pencils, plus some pens (probably running out of ink), and an A5 pad of lined paper on the clipboard. Useful for lots of many things, including keeping a sig's story straight!)

spares and pairs(trade goods or impress me with your MacGyvering skills): box (25) 12 gauge OO buck shells. Tokarev TT-33 pistol(7.62T)(no ammo). 40mm HEDP G/L rnd. coil of cannon fuze(10 meters, burns at 4 cm/sec), kerosene lantern(empty), USArmy woodland fatigues(way! small for you), sawed off double barrel .410 shotgun(18" total length)(no shells) 2- AirForce survival knifes. 3x20 pistol scope(no rings)...

and a standard T2K Yamaha dirtbike, with cargo straps/pack, and a full tank of alcohol....


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