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NOTICE - This is a game. This is not reality. It does not represent my world view. It is only a "what if" scenario. If you are offended, or can't tell fantasy from reality, that's your problem, so read no further, and don't bust my chops.

Remember, limit offensive language in posts. Perhaps "everyone" uses foul language (probably moreso in the game-world) to an extent. I'm guilty as charged, but it's NOT a double standard. I just don't want alot of foul language used on my site.
Some descriptions are included here for clarity, but have been censored. If in doubt, use *****, or &^@#%, or write in descriptive terms, such as, "Boomer's caustic verbal assault broiled the trooper's spine as quick as WP would melt Jello..."

This campaign is based on TWILIGHT 2000, by Game Designers Workshop. No challenge to, or infringement of, copyrights is implied, or intended.

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Glossary of Terms and Slang used in the Game

.50 caliber BMG round
7.62-used in Soviet AK-series weapons. not interchangable with NATO 7.62
7.62-used in NATO MG-type weapons. not interchangeable with Soviet 7.62
9mm-most common defensive handgun round in the world.
12gauge-a large-bore shotgun, fires slugs or buckshot. very messy up close.
.30-06/.30-30 - two popular civilian/hunting rifle calibers in the US
.44-a magnum, civilian handgun round, superior stopping power
.45-a handgun round, no longer "officially" in use by the US military. Good stopping power.
.50 BMG- .50 caliber Browning Machine Gun round. Once thought to be illegal to shoot at persons, due to it's origins as an AT round, this is perhaps the most common heavy machine gun round in the world. Match-grade specimens of this caliber are used in the Barrett Sniper Rifle, and give good results against persons(oh the shock) as well as light vehicles.

.223- caliber of round used in the M16 and other NATO weapons.
.357-a magnum civilian handgun round, excellent stopping power.
.380-a common caliber for small, concealable, "pocket" pistols.

Russian 2s6 Self Propelled Anti Aircraft Artillery

AA-anti aircraft, or automatic ambush(the use of mines/claymores/boobytraps)
AAA-anti aircraft artillery
AFV-armored fighting vehicle (usually a tank)
AI-anti-infantry. also artificial intelligence. see expert systems
AIV-armored infantry vehicle,"battle-taxi"
AK-47 - the most common automatic weapon in the world
ALICE-webbing and straps used to secure gear
AP-anti-personnel, or armor piercing. sometimes called anti-infantry to avoid confusion.
APC-armored personnel carrier
AMF-Adios, Mother F*****. "AMF'd" = Killed
AO-area of operations
AT-anti tank
AT-3/AT-4 - Soviet Antitank missiles, range about 3 km
ATF-the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, "Gun Nazis","Gun Gestapo"
automatic-a gun that fires more than one round per pull of the trigger. some weapons have burst governers that control bursts to only 3, 5, 7, or 10 rounds. Others will fire until a) weapon is empty, b)weapon jams, c) trigger is released. See Rock and Roll.

US Navy SEALs -- The best of the best...

BAMF- bad-a** mother f*****s
Barrett- a heavy sniper rifle, chambered in .50 BMG, the round the M2HB MG uses. Effective vs. light armor.

Battalion-organizational unit comprised of several companies. About 450-900 men
B&B-booze and boobs, see I&I, R&R
BDUs-battle dress uniform, fatigues
Beretta- Italian maker of .22, .25, .380, 9mm pistols, also shotguns
BFD-big f****n' deal
BFG-big f****n' gun, a magnum, or artillery piece
Billy Jay-corrupt politician/govt. official. Is there any other kind?
black powder- a simple form of gunpowder. Can be made relatively easily, yet burns slowly, (therefore has less energy), and produces a large puff of smoke (which makes the user easier to spot). Useful nonetheless in 2003.

blooper- a grenade launcher, or one who operates same
Blue Legs-infantryman. refers to US Civil War-era uniforms. Also grunt, boot, etc.

BMP1 - Soviet tracked IFV series(73mm gun, AT-3 lnchr, MG)
BMD1 - Soviet tracked airborne combat vehicle(73mm gun, AT-3 lnchr, MG)
BMP2/3 - Soviet tracked IFV series(30mm autocannon, AT-3 lnchr, MG)
BOHICA - bend, over. here it comes again....
boy george-a young male prostitute
BRDM2/3/4 -Soviet wheeled recon vehicle series(MG, 30mm, AT-5 lnchr)
Brigade-organizational unit comprised of several battalions. About 1500-5000 men.
BTR60/70/80 - Soviet wheeled APC series(lt.or hvy. MG)
budwieser- a brand of American beer. also, the insignia of the US Navy SEALS.

Emplacing a...heh heh... Claymore
C-4 - very stable plastic explosive. can be jumped on, burned, etc. and wont explode. detonated by another explosion(ie. blasting cap). sometimes used in a small amount to heat MREs or other food.

carbine-a short,light rifle. eg. US M1(not the Garand)/M2, CAR-15, Soviet SKS
Cherry- an unexperienced soldier, "greenie" "cannon fodder". see FNG
CIA- The US Central Intelligence Agency. Reports to the NSC, which in turn reports to the President. Responsible for foreign intel gathering

claymore-directional AP mine. Filled with C4 and metal fragments. can be set to detonate from a tripwire, or can be fired from a remote. US and Soviet versions exist.

CO-commanding officer
cookoff- not a chili-contest, but rather when a weapon(usually, but not always, an automatic) is overheated, or malfunctions, sometimes the weapon will continue to discharge(repeatedly, much like an automatic), even if the trigger is not being activated. The only course of action is to keep the weapon pointed in a safe direction, rip the belt, dump the magazine, etc. Dangerous. "Sorry, Sarge!" Has been known to happen with some dirty Glocks, and older Soviet SKSs. Not that it ever happened around me... right!

Company-organizational unit comprised of several platoons. About 80-120 men. In 2003, usually the largest-sized unit encountered anywhere...

counter-intel overseas(not in US), and organizing operations in foreign areas.

CP-command post
CQB-close quarters battle, hand-to-hand
crawling-many enemy present. also contaminated (with biological agents).
CS-tear gas

DEA-US Drug Enforcement Agency
DIA-US Defense Intelligence Agency. Responsible for military intel. Reports to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who report to the Secretary of Defense.

Division-unit comprised of several brigades. About 15000-20000 men.
DOC-A Medic, or Doctor, or Nurse, as the case may be.
Dragunov- high-quality Soviet SVD sniper rifle, also called Tiger
Dustoff-pickup by aircraft, usually helicopter, usually under fire.
Dusty-"old" as in "that General was so dusty, he could hardly get up outta the chair", obsolete, as in "the farmer lit him up with that dusty Garand"


The versatile EA-6B Prowler. Made more versatile in 2003 by the absence of submarines to hunt...
E1-private, enlisted ranks=E1 thru E9
E&E-escape and evasion
EMP-electro-magnetic pulse. a series of shockwaves caused by the massed use of nuclear weapons. In addition to altering the weather and seasons, EMP destroyed most digital equipment, and much solid-state electronics as well.

EOD-explosive ordnance disposal
ethanol-grain alcohol. a fuel superior to methanol, but still inferior to gasoline. expert systems-computer software designed to aid/assist decision making processess, such as medical diagnosis.


Gads! is this lonely... A Forward Observer in the desert

FAE-Fuel Air Explosive. see napalm.
FBI-US Federal Bureau of Investigation. Responsible for counter-intel inside US.
FFE-fire for effect. After marking rounds and adjustment, artillery delivers the Fire Mission, hopefully on target.

FFZ- free fire zone, an area where one may open fire on suspected enemy without permission.

Fireteam-organizational unit, comprised of several men, sometimes with a MG or other support weapon. About 3-5 men.

flashbang-an explosive device intended to startle and/or disorient the target, with minimal amount of physical damage to persons/objects.

FNG-F****n' New Guy, see "cherry"
FO-forward observer, one who "spots" for artillery
"Forever Man"-an old timer, a lifer, a veteran. see also dusty
frag-a fragmentary grenade, also to eliminate a disliked person in one's own unit.
frog-a frogman, or SEAL. Also a person of French or Canadian origin.
FUBAR-f***** up beyond all recognition


Garand M1
The best damn battle implement ever devised -- (the .30 caliber Garand M1) -- George S. Patton

Garand-a WWII-vintage,30-06 rifle with 8 round magazine. Made available as surplus in the US. Not uncommon in civilian hands.

glassed-nuked, especially in the desert.
Glock-ultra-reliable Austrian pistol with high capacity magazine
grain- grain alcohol, used in place of gasoline, and for "medicinal" purposes
Green Beanie-Green Berets, or the distinctive headgear worn by the same. see BAMF.
Green Berets-US Army Special Forces, or their distinctive headgear.see BAMF
goats-civilians living in the mountains for protection.

HEAT-ing up the opposition with a SMAW

HE-high explosive- your basic BOOM!
HEAT-high explosive anti tank, a shaped-charge weapon that directs superheated gas and molten metal thru the armor of the target. This is what gives AT missiles their punch. A "standard" AT gun (a la WW II) used a chunk of steel or tungsten, threw it at high velocity, and hoped it would punch a hole. HEAT rounds are lighter, and so is the weapon that fires them. This means about anyone can have AT capability on today's battlefield, unlike WWII where this was done by special purpose units.

HK-Heckler and Koch, makers of high quality USP pistol, MP5 SMG, G3, and G36 rifles
Hog-the US M60 MG. Also, a Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Hot-area of intense fire/fighting. also radioactive.
HUMWWV- "Hum-Vee" ,"Hummer". US 4WD replacement for the jeep.

IFV-Infantry Fighting Vehicle
I&I - intercourse and intoxication, see R&R, B&B
indirect fire - (usually) artillery fire where the firer cannot see the target, and is guided by a spotter/observer who can. Sometimes attempted at long range with machine guns...


Croatian KPV HMG on improvised mount
Kevlar-fiberglass-like bulletproof substance, or vest/helmet made of same
KH- keyhole, a series of US surveillance sattelites
KISS-keep it simple stupid
KISSOMMWCAC-KISS, Or Mr. Murphy Will Come A-Calling
klick- "K", a kilometer, about .62 mile
KPV- Soviet 14.5mm HMG, essentially a light autocannon.


The Air-Defense version of the LAV
LAV-US Light Armored Vehicles. A wheeled version exists, with a 25mm autocannon. Also a tracked version, with a 75mm rapidfire gun. Variants include AD, ambulance, mortar carrier, and armored recovery.

LAW-light antitank weapon. Disposable. Shreds houses/people at no extra cost.
leech-see vampire
leg- or straightleg. a non-airborne soldier. an infantryman. derogatory.
light up-to saturate with fire, usually automatic
LP- listening post. usually 3 men too scared to sleep
LRRP-long range reconnaisance patrol. typically 6 men. "Heavy" if more than 10 men.

M109-two treads and a BFG...

Ma-Deuce, Mama-Deuce - see M2HB
mama san- a prostitute, past her prime years.
MBT-Main Battle Tank
methanol-wood alcohol. inferior to ethanol as a gasoline replacement.
Military Time- referred to by the 24-hour clock. 9:00AM = 0900, 10:18PM =2218. Dates are written in day/month/year form. 25 DEC 03

Mr. Murphy-evil god of all poorly-laid plans. "If something bad can happen, it WILL, and at the MOST INOPPORTUNE TIME

M1-the early-model US Abrams MBT, also the 30-06, WWII-vintage Garand Rifle.
M1A1-the upgraded US Abrams MBT. Superior armor, firepower, mobility, survivability.
M1/M2/M3- US .30 carbine. WWII-vintage. Made available as surplus in the US. Not uncommon in civilian hands

M2A2- the US Bradley AFV
M2HB-the .50 cal, M2HB Browning MG, "MotherDeuce"
M-16 - the US .223 service rifle
M-60 - the US 7.62 MG
M109 - a self-propelled 105mm gun, capable of long distance, indirect fire
M113 - a US, Vietnam-Era APC, varients still in use by US Army and other nations.

M125 - M113 variant. 81mm mortar carrier. Often the close indirect support of Armored units.
M163 - M113 variant. 20mm gatling gun for AAA role. Point defense AAA for Armored units.
M-203 - a 40mm grenade launcher, fitted to an M-16 rifle
M-240 - a 7.62 GPMG. Originally a vehicle mounted weapon. Converted for use by footsoldiers, by using a parts kit. Intended to replace the M60, as it is lighter and has a higher rate of fire. Never fully replaced the Hog, however...
M-249 - a .223 Squad Automatic Weapon. A light MG
MG- machine gun
Mike- a minute
Mike-Mike - "mad minute", intense fire for a brief period of time. See RBF.
Mk-19 - US 40mm automatic-fire grenade launcher, capable of indirect fire
MAC-10 - an Ingram SMG, known for it's high rate of fire.
moonshine,shine- see grain
mortar-a simple weapon consisting of a tube, legs, a base, and sights. can be fairly light, and easy to operate. lobs a shell in a high arc onto the target. can be fired as rapidly as rounds can be dropped into the tube. Relatively easy to manufacture in the post WW3 world...

MOS-Military Occupational Specialty. A code for a given military job.

mountain gun-a light howitzer, capable of being disassembled into several manageable pieces. favored by (duh!) mountain troops, airborne troops, partisans, or others who need lightweight, yet potent firepower. Not much good against armor, however.

MP-5 - a high quality H&K SMG
mule- packrat. one who carries alot of gear/equipment, often contraband or drugs.

MRE- meal, ready to eat. Military packaged/preserved food.The replacement for C and K rations of old

Nails-flechette rounds. darts fired from "beehive" rounds, or booby traps. nasty

Napalm-jellied gasoline. will burn materials / flesh even if submerged in water.

NCO- non commissioned officer. "Sarge", or "Chief" if in the Navy
newbie- see FNG
NRO-National Reconnaisance Office
NSA-National Security Agency-signals intelligence. Large, well funded, least known.

01-Lieutenant, or Ensign in the Navy. Officers ranks = O1 thru O10 OP-operation, or Obsevation Post
OPSEC-operational security

You can cook in it, shave in it, sit on it, write on it, it's the multipurpose POT!

Pancho-see Southie
poncho-a hooded, cape-like multipurpose garment
phonetic alphabet- used to send info without confusion, each letter has a word-equivalent: Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uncle, Victor, Whiskey, Xray, Yankee, Zulu.

platoon-organizational unit, comprised of several squads. About 24-50 men.
P6- (PPPPPP)- Previous Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.
pot-helmet. also marijuana, dope, spliff, blunt, herb, J, etc...
pucker-also "pucker factor". Nerves, how "difficult" the mission or situation is.

Rangers-masters of special light infantry operations. These include attacks to temporarily seize and secure key objectives, and other light infantry operations requiring unique capabilities. Like their special forces counterparts, Rangers can infiltrate an area by land, by sea or by air. Highly trained troops usually used to augment the capabilities of regular units. Usually integrated within regular units, but a few "pure" Ranger regiments exist.

rats-human scavengers. Also civilians living in a village/town.
RBF-reconnaisance by fire. Shooting into suspected enemy locations with hope of detecting same. Reveals firer's presence and position. Wasteful of ammuntion. Nonetheless useful in some situations.

R&R- rest and relaxation. see also I&I, B&B
Redleg-an artilleryman, also cannon cocker
rock-n-roll - automatic weapons fire, which is music to many a soldier's ears
RPG-rocket propelled grenade, usually Soviet manufacture
ROE-Running on Empty. low on gas, bullets, food, or energy, etc.

Fighting soldiers from the sky...

Scorpion- British/Canadian AFV series. many variants. Exported worldwide.
semi-automatic-a gun that fires one shot per pull of the trigger. eg. DA revolver(technically), Glock, Garand

Skorpion- pistol-sized SMG, favored by terrorists/Soviet elite troops.
S&D-search and destroy
SEAL-naval SpecWarriors. Generally accepted as the best-trained and equipped fighting individuals in the world. Not to be messed with. see BAMF.

SIG-high quality brand of pistol. also "better SIG" = "better get your S*** IN GEAR".
SITREP-situational report. Called "the bullet" if you watch ER.
SKS-Soviet, Eastern Bloc, or Chinese-made 7.62 carbine. kinda looks like an AK47, but functions entirely differently, and is only semi-automatic

Slagged-nuked. see also glassed
SMAW-82mm "Bunker Buster" HEAT rocket laucher of USMC
SMG-submachine gun. small automatic weapon relying on volume of fire at close range,at the expense of long-range accuracy.

smoker-a smoke grenade/discharger. used for concealment and/or signalling
SNAFU-situation normal... all f***ed up
Southie-troops from South of the Border- Mexico, Latin, or South America
Special Forces- troops who carry out Special Warfare Operations. Typical operational element is the 12 man "A" Detachment. generally BAMF.

Special Warfare-application of strategic economy of force, expanded options, and unique capabilities. That sounds right out of a book. Basically, these folks create success where no hope for such exists, they get the jobs done that most troops haven't a prayer of completing.

SpecWarrior-a professional soldier who hunts for a living.see Special Warfare
Spectre-innovative, high quality Italian SMG
Spetznaz-Soviet equivalent of SEALs and/or Green Berets. see BAMF
spooge-nasty, messy, gooey stuff. blood. guts. body fluids. medical waste. "Jesse was sickened by the spooge that seeped from the man's wound."
spooged-killed / destroyed in a messy manner.

Squad-organizational unit, comprised of 2, or 3 fireteams. About 8-12 men.
stick/sticker - an IV needle/ IV drug user.
street sweeper- an automatic shotgun. can make a lotta lead fly in a short period of time
sugar-an attractive young woman. often with the connotation of prostitute
support weapon-MGs, RPGs, LAWS, mortars, etc. that a squad carries for fire support. Generally, anything heavier than a combat rifle, that still can be carried easily by 1 or 2 men.

SWAT-Special Weapons and Tactics. Police CT/hostage rescue unit

Slightly used T72--low milage, 1 owner, large custom window courtesy US Army. Floor mats not included.

Ts, tangos-terrorists
T55,T60,T72,T80,T90 - Soviet series of tanks, from the late 1950's model to the current issue. Exported worldwide to many nations. T55 is not much of a threat to modern NATO armor (outdated as soon as in service, and it tends to burn and explode easily) but the T80 & T90 have heavy, advanced armor, and excellent firepower. Of course, any armor is bad news when you have none thicker than your cotton/poly BDUs...

Thermite-a substance that burns with intense heat. can cut or destroy materials
TOW- US anti-tank missile, can defeat any tank on the battlefield out to 3-4 km.
Tommy Gun- the .45 Thompson SMG of Gangster fame. also any SMG with a drum-type magazine.(certain models of the K-50, or PPSh41)

TEOTWAWKI- "The end of the world as we know it", basically WWIII. Sometimes implies all-out nuclear war with near-total destruction.
TSHTF - "The Shit hits the fan", a reference to the start of WWIII

Uzi-Israeli 9mm SMG. Perhaps the most famous modern SMG in the world

Vampires-soldiers who force civilians into the protection racket. "Vamps"

White Lightning-see grain.
woodie-wood alcohol. see grain.
WP- white phosphorus. burns with intense heat. generates thick cloud of smoke.

Yellow Legs-Cavalryman. Now usually APC- or Helicopter- mounted.


"They recovered an old PBR, put freakin' flamethrowers on it, and did a Zippo job on the north end of Harrisburg..."
Zippo-see S&D. Usually has the connotation of using fire to destroy, more generally, a mission where damage to installations/materials, and enemy personnel is prominant.

Zoo-23 - the Soviet ZSU-23-4 tracked AAA system. Also called Zeus, or Shilka
Zulu-Greenwich Mean Time

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