MAJ Raven

Maj. John Raven was born in 1954, on a Comanche reservation in New Mexico. He was dirt poor, and a hellion to boot. At 17, he enlisted in the Army, mostly to get off the reservation, and he liked the idea of getting paid to "kick some ass". He spent 2 years in the bush in Vietnam in the Infantry, serving in the 24th Infantry Division (Tropical Lightning), and saw action in numerous battles. He was a good field soldier, and when on patrol often took point. He later volunteered for duty in a crack unit of Tunnel Rats. But in the rear he was a discipline problem, often going on drunken benders, fighting with other soldiers, and having no respect for officers or NCO's. During one battle though, he saved the life of his CO after their platoon was ambushed, carrying him for several miles in the jungle before they could be choppered out.

The very grateful CO had a few connections, and pushed through a field promotion to Lt. for the young soldier. Shortly after that, a staff officer took him aside and explained to him in no uncertain terms that the Army had no use for an uneducated, drunken, problem-child of an officer, especially an Indian one. In disgust, he got out of the Army, and went back home to the reservation. He qualified for the GI Bill, and started taking college courses. But he didn't take it very seriously, and rarely showed up to class. He was still drinking heavily, and was a regular at the local jail for fighting and drunken behavior.

Until one of his instructors took an interest in him. William Running Elk had been in the Army during WWII, and had his own problems with alcohol, before he cleaned himself up, and became interested in the ancient ways of his people. He took Raven under his wing, and taught him the way of the bow, how to hunt and track, and more importantly, self-respect. Resistant at first, Raven slowly came to admire his mentor, and gradually changed his ways. He quit drinking and fighting, started taking his classes seriously, and became involved in the ancient spiritual beliefs of his people. When he graduated college, he also took part in an manhood and purification ritual. As part of the ritual, he spent several days alone in the desert, waiting for a vision from the Great Spirit.

When the vision came, he was told by the Great Spirit that he was a warrior, and that was his destiny. He came back from the desert with a new sense of purpose, and asked his mentor for help. He also called his old CO, who was now a LTC at the Pentagon, to see if he couldn't get back in the Army. Running Elk had his own contacts, and between the two of them, John Raven was back in the Army as a young LT, working hard to prove himself.

He spent several years learning his craft, and travelling from one military base to another. In the early 80's, he was an advisor to the Contra Rebels, and in Desert Storm, he was a Company Commander. By the time WWIII rolled around, he had almost 30 years in, and was thinking about retiring. His past had kept him from being promoted past Major, and prejudice played a part as well, but he never concerned himself about rank, only being a good soldier and mentor. He never married, the people that knew him best said he was married to the Army.

His personality is far removed from the wild child he once had been. He is a quiet man, but carries an aura about him that people notice, when he walks into a room, conversations often halt in mid-sentance. He has the look of someone who is capable of both extreme violence and supreme self-control. People call him "Geronimo" behind his back, but NEVER to his face. He doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, and often spends his free time like his ancestors did, sleeping under the stars, and hunting with the bow. He carries a small medicine bag on a leather strap around his neck, but it is always kept hidden under his uniform.

MAJ John Raven,AGE 49
8 Terms as US Army Infantry

UNIT:Originally 1st INF DIV "The Big Red One".
Recently transferred to 28th DIV "The Bloody Bucket"

INIT = 5, RADS = 60

STR3CRM 8, RCN 6.5, GS 5
AGL3HW 5, FOR 4.5, WVD 6
CON3TW 7, MC 8, EQ 5, LDR 4
INT5CBE 5, LCG 4, SWM 2, MED 3
EDU6HB 5, FO 5, BC 8, PST 3
CHA8English 10, Spanish 5

He is a small man, 5'6" and 140lbs. His once jet-black hair is now almost all grey, and his eyes are dark and penetrating. His skin is dark and leathery, and his face is lined with age. He is covered with many scars, both from combat and his bar-brawling days.

He has a set of very prominent scars on his chest, stemming from the manhood ritual he went through, where large metal hooks were pierced through his chest under the muscle and then used to suspend him in midair

M21 sniper rifle w/scope, M3 Grease gun, Hunting Bow w/quiver, Bowie knife, 4x Binoculars, IR Goggles, Kevlar vest, Engineer Demo Kit, and a 5/25km Secure Manpack/Vehicular radio. The Bow, Quiver, and Bowie knife are old, but are in excellent shape, and have been lovingly maintained. They were given to him by his old mentor, William Running Elk, when he died. The quiver is beaded in the traditional style.

HUMVEE Squad Carrier. .50 M2HB mounted in (C).



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