Guadalupe Manuela Pabon

Guadalupe Manuela Pabon:


1) I'm avoiding dropping you in Philly. It's a radioactive trash heap in 2003 and we already had a harrowing tale of someone who got out, albeit glowing. Sherman and Hannah did, and it took 1 year of RL play to do it. I want you in with the other cowboys quicker than that.

2) I am considering your home to be York, PA unless you have any major objections. My having lived there awhile should "cover us" should anything ever come up. And it might.

3) Problem is, there are no subways in York. Public transit used to (1986) be called York Area Transit Authority -- YATA. YaTa bing, yada boom. Who thinks up this shit? Anyway, change these parts of your cool!!! monologue to bus station, or better yet ===> "The Tunnel" (Army Eng. Flood control tunnel. Bad spooky ass shit went down there. Some very lowwww slices of humanity lived there. One trip was ENUFF!)

4) There was a vibrant music scene in York. I could see a live band every night of the week. If I got good and talked the right way to the right people, I could work too. Salsa was big at several of these clubs, uhh, they weren't legal but they served. This saved some of my sanity when I boldly (snicker!) left the corp. world and decided to concentrate on a career in music. I dearly miss this part of the city. I really grew up and grew musically during this time.

Knock it off ya sop...

5) I'd like to start with a "preview" episode, circa 1998 or so, leading up to your stretch in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary. This will be about 3-4 posts back and forth and won't hurt abit.

6) Pick your age. I'm thinking you started at age 14 rather than 18 like most T2K characters. That should give you a term or two in addition to your prison term. Make the Prison one your last one. We'll come back and have some fun with you before you hit jail, in a "flashback" series of posts.

Here's your quick and dirty York Sourcebook--not much to chew on, just a taste for flavor(Oh stop it): (soon to follow will be your Lewisburg Sourcebook) Alot of this could be wrong by today. I haven't hung out there since 1990. If you find something different lemme know!

York Businesses/Interesting but rambling stream of consciousness top of my head not many corrections (whew) stuff:

Maple Donuts (No Dunkin' or Mr. varieties here.) Philadelphia St. Market on Tue/Thurs/Sat-- Suits (yours truly circa 1986) bop down for deli sandwich, (liquid) lunch at the Crab House or Gingerbread Man a few blocks away (Good place for Lupe to sell / score drugs or pick pockets). Center of town. Old and historic -- everything around it crumbling.

Pfaltzgraff (the plates people) is perhaps the biggest most wide reaching business in town. Owns WSBC "Lite" ("Puke") radio station with 14 song record library, and Penn Advertising (billboards) also the finest Hotel in town, The Yorktowne. I played there a few times and actually stayed once... This was the corp I worked for. They own alot of the freakin town, cheat on their accounting (blame the entry level programmers!), and paid absolutely shit for the hours and level of work expected. Yes, I honestly felt like a corporate ho...

Also home to Harley Davidson (cool plant and cycle museum), and Catapillar tractors. These two are always laying off. Cat might even be gone by now. Kills the economy in the area every few years. Hey, BMY is not too far away, in East Berlin PA, and is somehow connected with Cat. BMY made M1 Abrams tanks, Bradley IFVs, and Hummers, (hmmmm...) along with those tiny little jeeps that postmen drive around in...

"John" chef/owner/bartender of Chez John's across the canal (west York) from the G(ingerbread)-man was a HUGE dealer who never got busted even when his place got raided. I think he pimped chicks too, but... Despite the French name, the style of the place was tropical deadhead alternative and classic rock all rolled into one big doo-bye. I made good money there playing James Taylor, Eagles, Beatles etc. on the patio deck or in the dining room once I got better. He was decent enough to throw in a fine meal once in a while. Alot of foxy (not ala Steve Martin, please...) PR chicks hung out there for various reasons.

The York Fair is a large, regional fair in Sept. Hosts the regional battle of the bands. The grounds are in West York, right next to the renovated Old York Hospital where I rented a room. This was a bleak place. This was where I hurt my wrist (it's ok now, see my link below), when I was starting to work as a musician in the area. One good thing -- I saw Gloria Estefan for free from the roof of my building the year she performed there. Man, what she could do for a set of blue jeans, but I digress. Wonderful voice. Great humanitarian. Great jeans. Calm down now... ;)

East part of town -- York Shopping Center had 3 constant businesses - the bowling alley (drugs, booze, scummy pickups), Menchey Music (guitars drums etc, and handsome salespersons named Eric...) and the Fitness Center (more drugs, booze, and toned pickups) The other 12 or so storefronts were usually empty, or only rented for a month or 2. We were 45 minutes from Baltimore. Shoot right down I-83. Now aside from the Aquarium, Inner Harbor, and the Railroad Museum, that place is a nasty hole of a town. I think sailors once called it the Bangkok of the East Coast.

The Utz ("ootz" as in book) potato chips factory is here(oldest in US-the company, not the chips). They hand make them at the Market. Yumm! Fresh! Pretzels are also big here. 3 Companies just down the road in Hanover make snack foods. You're in Dutch Country here! The movie Witness was filmed 45 min away. So was Gettysburg! ( 45 min. other direction)

North York was older, originally Dutch/German settlers, now largely the poorer section of town. Alot of warehouses, many abandoned factories. Good place to camp out for a few days at a time.

A few blocks from center city is the Strand Capital. I played there once in a Christmas mega band. It was alot of fun. A grand old-style hall. Used to have a theatre organ that rose up from the basement on a platform. Alot of small nasty businesses next door.

York Barbells, yep they're made here. Big trucking warehouses / transshipment facilities are across I-83 from Barbell plant -- Central, New Penn, several others...

South Market was the cooler Market, some neat Asian / Hispanic stuff I never saw before! This part I miss. I was such a hick(OK still am kinda), and then to see the neat foods and items they had there, well... Never figured out why it was so far from the community. I mean you could walk if you had all day. It was a 30 min bus ride in traffic. Speaking of -- RT 30 is notoriously slow --traffic problems as long as it's been there. Connects to Lancaster, Philly, Hanover, and Gettysburg...

York was the First Capital of the US!

York College is a semi-preppy prep school. Actually, I think they are 4 year, but still have a fluff school image. Also there's a Penn State satellite campus there. Also Fluffy.

I lived on the corner of King and Queen St. Too cute. Nice brick apt building. Spiral staircase. My closet was 1/2 the size of my bedroom at mom and dad's. 5 min from work. Bee-yootiful turret looking out across town. That's where I set up my guitar stuff so I could look out and enjoy the view while writing and practicing. BUT -- Security cameras, big BIG Cop for a neighbor. Both required. Crack deals right out in my parking lot. Monthly stabbing. Nice apt aside, (and no offense either way) I was living on the border between Africa and Puerto Rico, I was told. Why'd you rent THAT place... I loved it. I could afford it when I was a programmer.

Further away from center city on King, and surrounding, were the Hispanic neighborhoods. Lotsa funky churches that weren't really churches, front for some kind of business. Neat to drive through. Boy was I dumb. Later when I made some friends, they took me around. Some bars that weren't licensed but still served, had kickass bands, etc. and managed not to get raided. (Special name for them escapes me)

Do a little homework via Chamber of Commerce, Mapquest, etc. PA website for some more flavor of the town. Could you change the couple of things I mentioned? I think this will be a fun and very challenging character. She will have a purpose and a place in this game. She will have stuff to do. And it's not just fighting, though this battle has taken up like since Jan. to complete. This info was purposefully quick and scattered. Yeah right. Does all of this junk matter? Not all of it, but, well, I'm sending it to you, so...

In the meantime, these are a start:



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