Guadalupe Manuela Pabon

Guadalupe Manuela Pabon:


Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary
Prisoner Induction Interview
Prisoner #3819773
Pabon, Guadalupe Manuela

"What, you want me to tell you my story? Why, is it going to get you off? Yeah, yeah, okay, no need to go heavy, ese! Shit. Slide me a smoke, Dick Tracy, and I'll lay it out."

"'s a good smoke. You know, I miss that most of all. Used to you could score a good cig no problem. Camels, Marlboros, Newports. Me and the homegirls'd go down and rip some off from Mr. Wong at the corner bodega. Funny, huh? Chink owning a shop named like a Wop. Okay guy though. If he caught us he didn't drop a dime to the flatfoot, just gave us his hand and yelled a lot. Wonder what happened to him?"

"Mi Papa? I don't know him, don't want to. Mama got knocked up by him when she was fourteen, had me before she was fifteen. Said his name was Valentine but sometimes, when she was drunk or on the pipe, she'd call him Asa. Guess that's why she was knocked up at fourteen. Stupid."

"No, I don't know where she is. Last time I saw her was when she was shacked up with that cabron Juan. Yeah, like I know. You've seen Juan cabron, you seen 'em all."

"Oww! Christ, jefe, lighten up! Okay, okay, I won't make any more jokes. Shit, they gotta teach you guys how to be pricks or is it like natural?"

"Yeah, so like I said, last time I saw mama was when she was with Juan. He had greedy hands, you know? Mama was doing doves real hard and I got tired of getting slapped around and felt up and blamed for their crappy lives. Shit, it's not like I asked to be born. So I took off out of there and never went back. Took up full time with my homegirls.

"My homegirls? What, you don't know? Don't your files and shit tell you that? Man you don't know nothin'"

"See this tattoo? That means Mi Vida Loca, sort of like my crazy life but not really. This one here is for my girls; Muchachas Traviesas Locas. That's the, uh, crazy wicked girls to you. Sort of. You need to learn Espanol, cop. And get some Nikes, those shoes look like they came from mi abuelo's grave."

"I took up with them. That was when I was thirrteen , younger than mama but not so stupid. If I did a guy, he had to have protection and I don't mean a gat. You got another cigarette? No? Pinga."

"We got respect. We weren't a girl gang that hung off the boys and sucked them to be cool. We were as hard as nails, man, and meaner than they ever thought of. I got beat down to get in when I was twelve. Just me against five other homegirls and didn't nobody stop until we were all bloody. Man they kicked my little ass, ese, but it was worth it. I showed them how tough I was."

"Why you shaking your head? Let me tell you something you butt spanking maricon - I don't need your pity. Nobody ever gave me nothing. I take what I want and get where I want by being hard. Cold psycho hard. We homegirls took care of one another when the shit went down. You messed with one of us, we all came down on you with razors and elbows and bricks. You didn't do it twice because you were dead, ese."

"Things got really tight when you gringos started playing with your nuclear dicks. Real tight, man. Real tight."

"That's okay though. Some of us knew all the safe places to sleep, out of the nuclear dust and rain and away from the crazies. The Tunnel was best. We went down and beat out our territory from the winos and rats and freaks. Marked it up real nice in our colors with spraybombs and killed anyone who came into it."

"Cholas got each other's backs all the time. When we had some food, everybody got some.When we didn't we went hungry and didn't carve up no corpses for it. Sick, man, seeing some of that stuff people ate.. Made them sick to eat it too, like they didn't know someone that died of the rads wouldn't be bad to eat. Idiotas. Good thing they died because they too dumb to live, you know?"

"How come something you can't see or smell can kill you? Weird shit, ese. As weird as that EPM or MEP, whatever. That nuclear stuff that killed my cell and beeper and all the electronical stuff. You gringos must have got off real good that day; you screwed the whole effing world."

"I tell you this, ese; when the FDS was coming up, we were going to join up with them. Don't laugh, man, we were. Kick all you Anglos out or put you down like dogs. Pick your own damn lettuce and make your own beds. See how you like that. Go crying up to the Frenchies in Canada and let them change your Pampers. You policia would have been fun to watch die. Screaming for your mamas."

"Oww! Chinga tu madre! Take these cuffs off and try that again, ese! I'll paint you up the walls! Not so tough without your badge and gun and these bracelets and the heavy standing behind me with the truncheon."

"Give me a cigarette. Come on, man, it ain't like I'm going to set you on fire. Yet."

"Man you stingy. Okay, so what next? Yeah, well the federal troops came in and wanted to use the Tunnel for something. I don't know what, probably to beat off in. Those guys were hard core though. We held out for a few hours, then they brought down something, I don't know what, but there was like...this whistling. Like a bunch of wasps or some shit. Homegirls up front got, like, jellied. Just turned them into peanut butter in their clothes. Blood everywhere. I got a few of them. Here, look at my calf. See that? Looks like a cross? 's where it went in and out the other side. Hurt like not getting candy at Easter, cop. Got one here in my palm, see? Pretty cool, huh?"

"We knew it was time to get out of there. Last I heard was some of the chicas screaming and some gunshots. Guess the soldier boys executed them. Don't know."

"Those of us that made it out; me and Flicka and Lectra and Deucey Lucy and Carla; we hid out for a while under the bridge. Had to kick out some people and took their stuff. Guess they died, don't know. Don't care."

"Carla died I know that. She had a bunch of these cross holes in her, like they a priest driving a demon out. Bleeding real bad but she was tough. Never cried, never said shit. Just held my hand realtight and then she was gone. Gone just like Muchachas Traviesas Locas was gone. Flicka and Lectra, they were like that you know...marimachas. Lesbos. They went out one day trying to make it to Flicka's uncle's place. Heard from some brothers in the know that they got picked up and used pretty hard before they got it."

"Me 'n Deucey found a little place downtown in this burnt out building. Weird how like some of the building totally burns and then there's this place where it's all normal. Roof caved in but couple of walls were still up. Place had a front way in and a back, so we couldn't get trapped. Pretty dry and hard to see so no one much but the dogs and rats came in. Didn't come out though except in our bellies."

"Lucy got it a few months later. We decided to take off this soldier boy who had some of those brown plastic meals. She played him like he was going to get some, then tried to razor his throat. Musta seen it coming or something and he stuck a, what you call them knives on the ends of guns? Bayonet? Yeah, okay, he stuck a bayonet in her like she was a cabrito ready for roasting. Man she screamed. I can still hear it sometimes..."

"What? Oh, yeah. it was just me now. Being alone is hard. You can't sleep because you got to keep watching. If you don't, something gets you. Man I was like seeing glass spiders and blurry lines and all kinds of stuff after a few weeks. Doctor in here said it was... sleep deprivation indo... induced psychoc... psychotic hallucinations. Whatever. It was like smoking a fattie that had been dipped in formaldehyde and sprinkled with dust. Seriously whacked."

"Hey? How come we still get good chronic but the cigarettes taste like cardboard? I like my buzz, but sometimes I need to keep an edge. It seems like the cigarettes don't even give that anymore. You know?"

"Yeah? Well what do you know anyway? You need a joint and a blowjob, ese; that'd lighten you up. Hell no I ain't offering! Back up off me. You better just hit me with that hose now because that's the only way I'm going to moan for you."

"That's what I thought. Can't even get it up. Pfth. What you going to do, huh? Put me down in here for a double nickel? Man, I'm already in the pen. It's like telling someone in Hell they going someplace bad. You got nothing you can do to me that'll make me cry or afraid of you."


"Yeah I know why I'm in here. The judge was Anglo. The cops who picked me up were Anglo. You're Anglo. I'm a Latina. I know exactly why I'm in here, jefe. The heavy behind me is a pinche Mayate but he sucks Anglo cock. Now why don't you get out of my face and let's get this beat down over with. I want to get some time in the bunk before I got to eat breakfast."

"Bring it on, jefe. I'm tired of talking to you."

"I ain't scared. Not of you, not of prison, not now, not ever."


Description: 5'3", 126# black hair, dark brown eyes. More muscle than you'd expect on a woman, especially one her size. Hard, sarcastic, pouty look to her face. Pretty enough, but something in her eyes warns you off. Several tattoos, notably on her hands and a teardrop at the corner of her left eye.


Padre Karl Schilken, s.j.: The Padre worked with the gangsters, runaways, and all the other kids society threw away. The streets were his parish, and those who lived there his flock. The Padre would always help you out, no questions asked.

Detective Jim Wilson: Bald, black, utterly bad. Like most homicide dicks, Wilson had a jaded view and drank cynicism instead of coffee. Man of his word though and respected...and a little the cholas.

Hector Ruiz: The dealer's dealer and the fence's fence. If he didn't have it, he could get it - for a price. Hector cut hard bargains, did no free favors, and if you crossed him they found you scattered across town.

Guadalupe Manuela Pabon

Guadalupe Manuela Pabon, AGE 20, Terms 2
INIT = 2, RADS = 22
STR6body cbt 3, persuasion 3
AGL7melee cbt 2, stealth 1
CON6Spanish (native), English 2
INT5streetwise 3
EDU1willpower 2
CHA9pistol 1




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