Berger has two nicknames -- Boomer, and Hans. He prefers the former to the latter.

Physical Description:
He is in his late 30s, with short hair, except for a long wavy ponytail. Recently, Berger has trimmed the ponytail, and is now sporting a haircut that "you could comb with a washcloth..."

Typically wears faded jeans and a jeanjacket. Sometimes uses a civilian hunting poncho (camo) when weather is lousy. His SGT stripes were the USMC variety of a few years ago -- olive drab on a red background. Since his mission to DIV HQ, Berger has aquired a real US Army uniform, kevlar vest, and helmet. He wears no rank or other insignia on the uniform.

He was somewhat stocky, had intelligent looking eyes, and an easygoing smile, sometimes the smile is ironic or sarcastic.

Career Summary:
BS. in Computer Science/Mathematics(Millersville Univ, 1985).
Held part-time jobs in food services, retail sales, and janitorial services to fund his expensive tastes in beer. Worked 2 years as a programmer for IBM.

Bored with working out of a cubbyhole all day, he became an Entertainer. Worked in that field 4 years. Delivered pizzas, worked in a recording studio, sold guitars and pianos, and worked in a specialty record store.

Returned to school. Earned a MEd in Technological Education(Millersville Univ, 1993). Drove a forklift in a warehouse, and worked in a Mental Health facility to supplement his meager stipend provided by the college.

High School Teacher, Lewisburg HS (1993-2003)
(Occasional guitarist at local restaurants during this time)

Lived in Lewisburg area for 10 years. Was passed over by the draft board due to poor eyesight and bad feet (fallen arches). Helped his wife maintain the school at the 3/103rd camp, from November, 2002, thru January, 2003. Became a Militia PVT in the 3/103rd, late January, 2003.

Two weeks later was promoted to SGT by LT COL Stryfe to replace losses incurred during the December mutiney.

Currently serving as Leader of the Heavy Weapons Section.

JACK BERGER:, AGE 39, 5 Terms
INIT = 3, RADS = 21
STR6comp 4, music 6, trk veh 2
AGL7chem 5, persuade 5, wheeled veh 5
CON5instruction 6, martial arts 4, horse 2
INT8pistol 2, rifle 5, observe 3
EDU7bow 3, Hvy Wpns 2, swim 5
CHA8fishing 5, cbt eng 2,med 2

M16A2, Colt .45 Commander, Ruger MK II (bull barreled .22 automatic), Black Widow hunting bow. Numerous knives. Assorted home made nasties.

His Garand M1 Rifle and Remington M1858 Percussion Revolver(replica), are typically left with his family when Berger is on duty. His wife Josaphine hates weapons but understands their necessity in 2003. His eldest son Jonathan Pitts ("JP", age14) is becoming a fair shot and trains with the Militia, and daughters Katelyn(12) and Emily (8) assist their mother at the school. The girls have taken a liking to Hannah Mordecai, and assist her from time to time with Camp duties and in caring for the wounded.

The M1848 6 pounder artillery piece is a firing reproduction that Berger aquired since his Civil War Re-enacting days before WWIII. Ammunition is in short supply for this piece, but Berger has trained a crew to operate the weapon.


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