Doc Novak


TREVOR NOVAK: Trevor Novak was the only son of Dr. Roger Novak, a pharmaceutical magnate living in California. Having grown up in the lap of luxury, Trevor was, to say the least, a bit on the spoiled side. While bright and intelligent, he preferred to waste his time in frivolous pursuits like parties or women. Furthermore, he would get into a lot of trouble since he could always get away with it of his wit and charm and the fact that anytime that he got into too much trouble, he could rely on his father to pull his fat out of the fire.

Eventually, Dr. Novak tired of Trevor's antics and banished him to an exclusive and very small college in the East, hoping that one day he would learn a little responsibility. Trevor found that he actually enjoyed college, but never really cared to stick with any one subject. He would only put as much work into a subject that he would pass, and he continued to fritter away his time at parties and nightclubs, his graduation never quite on the horizon.

However, the war changed everything. In horror, Trevor watched the world falling apart around him. Worse, in the year 1998, Trevor's father died. Trevor realized that not only had he wasted his time at college, he had wasted his remaining time with his father, time that he could never get back. Grief stricken, Trevor threw himself into his studies, and eventually managed to emerge with a fairly decent G.P.A.

Knowing that his father's last wish was that he would continue the family business, Trevor found one of the remaining medical schools, and used his connections with his father's company in order to get admitted. As the war dragged on, Roger realized that the world was falling apart and that it would be necessary to prepare for the long twilight ahead. As a result, Roger began to stockpile as much food, medical supplies, and equipment as possible.

In 2003, Trevor has the supplies necessary to help provide the seeds of civilization, but he desperately needs others to help protect him while he helps to rebuild. To this end, Trevor is doing his best to find others who share his desire to rebuild.

BS. in Bio, Hershey(Penn State) Medical School
Drafted as Intern/Commissioned by ARMY

DR. Novak has been MIA since the 3/103rd evacuated the Lewisburg Armory Camp...

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