Bruno, in his own words:
What more can I say? Growing up in downtown Philly makes a boy tough, teaches him things he shouldn't have to learn, street brawls, defending yourself, dealing with dealers.

So I chose, as soon as possible to get my butt into school, but what would I choose? Lawyer, Doctor? Law Enforcement? Would you believe I choose to be a paramedic?

Why? Well, I feel since no one in the streets would listen to me growing up, maybe they would racing to the hospital with my finger in a bullet wound? Or performing mouth to mouth on a OD case? Well, the did start to listen, and listen good, not only was I working as a Medic, I spent my side time helping out at the local church, soup kitchen, and wherever was needed.

Bruno McAlton grew up in downton Philly, in the 70's. Not much different than most kids, fought on the streets, had his group of friends he hung out with that all went their own ways through High School.

Bruno in high school was a loner, focusing on ways of getting himself out of the inner city and into a better life, he played Football and Wrestled for his high school, joined up with a small Rugby Club to constantly keep himself in shape year round, but on top of this, he pounded the books, ignoring his friends, the parties, and even women.

He lost all focus and interest in these things his senior year when a Torn ACL pulled him from Football, Wrestling and Rugby. His grades weren't the thing to get him the scholarship he needed, it was his talents and abilities on the field. Thinking his life was over, he went into a deep depression. Not focusing on much, he barely graduated from High School, and had no desire to go forward with his life. He worked at a local store as a clerk, eventually being promoted to manager.

Soon college and getting out started to call him. He worked harder and enrolled at Penn Tech College in sleepy Williamsport PA. It was far away from Philly and a vast change, but all in all, a good one. He used all the government and federal assistance he could get, and realized that going to a smaller school away from Philly gave him more value for his money. He was interested in becoming a doctor, but realizing how hard it was and how much it would cost, he slowly drifted toward being a paramedic. At the age of 26 he has accepted his first position as a medic, and instantly was into the thick of things as all the incidents of WW III started to happen.

Bruce "Bruno" McAlton,AGE 25
Tech School, Paramedic

UNIT:none. Bruno is employed by the First Presbyterian Church, Williamsport, PA.
INIT = 4, RADS = 12

STR7wheeled vehicle 5
AGL7unarmed cbt(wrestling) 2
CON7swimming 2, pistol 1
INT4computer 4, scrounging 1
EDU6survival 2, chemistry 2
CHA5medical 6, biology 2


Small still, Doctor's medical kit, Gerber multitool, flak jacket, pack, flashlight(4- D cells), mini-maglight. AM/FM Radio. 2 changes batteries for radio, sleeping bag, mess kit. Surgical instruments (when Bethlehem Steel completes them...)

.38 Special snubnose, 2- boxes JHP ammo (100 rnds total)

black BDU pants, grey Penn Tech Sweatshirt, black Asics running shoes, fleece coat. 2- blue one piece jumpsuits with various paramedic patches.

$1525 (includes savings plus bonus from Town Council),typically carries $100, the rest is hidden under floorboards in room


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