Maps -- RB Winter

Aid Station (formerly Beach House, First Aid Station, & Life Guard Station)

A - Aid Station (treatment&triage)
B - Life Guard Station (recovery)
Y - Tina Yates qtrs.
M - Hannah Mordecai qtrs.
C - Sean Patrick Cunningham qtrs.
S - SSG John Sherman qtrs.
west wing = females, east wing = males
double bunks, with a few triples.
group areas accomodate ~ 50 militia and/or workers
ladders in NW & NE corners of group give access to roof.
roof is sandbagged, and firing loops cut in E & W walls.

Command Post (formerly Nature Center)

A - raised Amphitheater stage (1.5 m from ground)
B - terraced bench seating for 75-100
S - backstage storage. several access panels from stage side (not marked)
G - pre WWIII herb garden (needs tending)
R - MAJ Raven qtrs
J - LT1 Jackson qtrs
C - commo area. also CPL Wu qtrs
T - toilet. non-functioning. Now storage area.
The E & W rooms are hastily constructed rooms(old porches), housing 4 men each
the rectangles represent numerous 2m folding tables in their current configuration.

The seperate building marked "R" is the Armory, and also CPL Robinson qtrs.

Parking Area #3

(structures are SOUTH --> NORTH (left to right))
Q - workers quarters housing for 4
(firing loops facing NORTH and SOUTH)
M - Maintenance shed (roof, no walls)
M113 - M113 (M2HB) APC
Q - (cluster of 3) more workers quarters, housing for 12
male/female sign - outhouses
S - stables
S - additional stables
A - alcohol still. large wood pile due WEST

(EAST part of paved Parking Area)
W - Wiz's new area (pole shed)
H - HUMVEE (M60)
B - Chevy Blazer (M249)
D - Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab
W - horse drawn wagon
W - horse drawn wagon

The square structure nestled in 3 curves at the far NORTH of map area is the secondary amphitheater. The curves are roughly hewn benches. The square area is a 3X3 meter roof on poles.

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