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SPEC 4 Jacques (Jack) Larivierre DOB 12/25/76 "Gator"

History: "Jack" was the eldest of 3 sons born to Jacques, Sr. and Nadine Larivierre. Spent much of his early life helping his father with the family shrimp boat, a 62-footer named The Nadine, based out of Cameron, LA. The family rarely had a working car, but they did have the shrimp boat, a couple of canoes, and a bass boat or two at any given time. Jack, Sr. and the boys enjoyed fishing and hunting, taking out the boats, swimming, eating, and generally raising hell together.

Jack's father suffered a moderate stroke at age 52 which left him unable to do the thing that he loved most -- make a livelyhood in the shrimping business. The man spiraled deeper into depression until he put a bullet in his brain during Jack Jr's freshman year in high school. Ever since, Jack has never touched a pistol, although he continued to hunt with rifles. It was just too painful a reminder. Jack Jr quit school to support the family by working fulltime on the boat, but one of his teachers talked him into taking his GED. Jack later took a gunsmithing course thru a community college, and worked part-time with an uncle in a gunshop when the shrimp catch wasn't very good.

Jack worked between The Nadine, and his uncle's gunshop until 1996, when the world became mad at itself, and was propelled into WWIII. People wondered who would back down, and when no one did, the war was here for real. The US got involved later that year. He considered signing up for the Navy, in order to continue to pursue his love of boats, but the Army already had plans for him. He would be a crewman for the M109 Paladin, a self-propelled version of the big 155 mm gun. Most of the time between then and his first taste of combat in July of 1998 was a blur. A few skirmishes, lots of time setting up, firing, relocating, and beginning the whole process over. At least in Artillery, the action was usually several klicks away. Jack managed to stay alert and stay alive long enough to promote a few times.

By mid-2000, everything had gone to hell. Supply was non-existant, the chain of command was a laugh, and conventional fighting was a thing of the past. Jack found himself working more and more as an infantryman, especially with the supply of large- caliber shells dwindling. Later, Jack's unit was resupplied with mortars. When the big Kalisz offensive happened, Jack found himself cut off from nearly everyone he knew, and was forced to rely on his wits to survive. Most recently, he has tried to link up with any friendly units in the area.

Personality: Jack had some emotional problems in high school dealing with the loss of his father. He quit therapy, calling it BS, and came up with his own therapy, which consisted of spending more time out on the boat, and fishing, and hunting, doing all things he and his father enjoyed doing. Generally very cold, detached, guarded. He may open up when around people with interesting stories to tell, or anyone from Louisiana, or anyone who likes boats. He sometimes overcompensates for his size by being overly assertive, to the point of being pushy. He has a strange fascination with knives, and carries several at all times. Still hates pistols, though...

Physical Description: A small-statured, stocky man. Early-Mid 20's. 92 Kg and 1.8 meters tall. Well-tanned skin. Close-cut hair, high and tight. Wears woodland camos, often a muscle T-shirt. Armed with an M16/M203, a machete, and numerous knives, probably more than the two visible ones on his person.

So after all that mess in Europe, how did he end up in PA. He and a ragtag bunch of US personnel known as O'Grady's Irregulars made their way out of the last great encirclement in Poland, avoiding Spetznas teams as well as marauders. They made it to the Black Sea, where they bought passage at a phenomenally inflated rate on a cargo ship converted back to coal power. This ship, the John J. Astor, was destined to be the last large ship to cross the Atlantic with US Troops returning home.

The trip was rough, nearly every one of the 2500 cramped onboard were seasick. Disease ran rampant, and many were buried at sea. Finally, a little more than a month later, the Astor landed in ruined Wilmington DE. Wilmington had suffered a nuclear attack earlier in the war, and was still a terrible sight to behold. Those aboard the Astor were out of food, and tired, and fearful of disease onboard, that they voted to take their chances crossing the slagged city rather than search for another place to land. Out of the original 2500, only 400 still remained.

Home in the Bayous of LA was even further from Wilmington in 2002, than in the past, so Jack stuck with his comrades and CPT O'Grady. They followed "Philly" John Carmine's nose, as that man had lived in PA before The War. They reached The Appalachian Trail near Carlisle, PA. but by the time he reached that place, they were in no mood to get caught up in the fighting and unrest in PA. This time it was more on the order of a Civil War, brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, much as the fighting had been in Poland and Russia. So the group crossed the Appalachian Trail, and kept going west, knowing that part of PA was less densely populated, and hoping for better times. Early in 2003 Jack, along with CPT O'Grady and Philly Carmine had been living in a remote part of Center County, PA, watching things develope between at least 2 rival groups in the Susquehanna Valley...

INIT = 2, RADS = 32
STR10rifle 8, Fwd Obsvr 7
AGL6wheeled veh 3, cycle 5, Indir Fire 7
CON6small boats 8, gunsmith 5
INT5U/A Melee 4, A Melee 8, climb 5
EDU5swim 5, forage 6
CHA2fishing 5, observe 6

M16/M203, numerous knives, and a 60mm mortar hungry for something to fling...

Jack has an extreme aversion to pistols...


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