"Wiz" While mainly known for his technical abilities, Will Jackson is a very physically fit person. He doesn't have a great strength and bulging muscles, but he has lean muscle. He's quick and quiet most times and mostly average looking. Will is in his early 20's, and has short brown hair and glowing blue eyes, which are his best feature. Overall, he has a gentle face that some women find attractive. It's a shame he is mostly a loner.

His prized possesions include his grandfather's old pocket watch, (which still works thank God), his chain with a silver cross on it, and of course, his Beretta De Luxe 9mm pistol.

Born and bred in Alabama, Will excelled in technological and computer devices, also and did well in gymnastics. At 16 he nearly competed in the Olympic games, but in one of qualifying vaults, he slipped and broke his leg. That put him out of competing for good and he went back to his studies.

He later was accepted to Carnegie Mellon University. He was going to go to MIT for his graduate degree, but the war broke out. With his his technical training, the US Army grabbed him up fairly quickly, and with his degree, they also granted him a commission.

The Wizard, as he is known, likes to wear mainly his army pants and boots with a standard black tanktop. He also usually wears his black sunglasses. Mostly, he blends in as an ordinary soldier. Of course, he has that rough, unteachable country boy edge, that offsets his remarkable technical abilities. Some would call him arrogant.

Whenever Will is seen, its almost always with his Beretta, which he loves, some sort of new gadget in each hand, tools in his pockets, and grease on his hands and arms. Any other time he is speeding away on his motorcycle with the wind in his hair.

For the most part, Will loves his work and does it for the military because he believe it is there that he has the most opportunities. He's not really a soldier boy, but is learning, slowly about leadership. He's calm and cool, but wild when it comes to putting himself full in whatever he does.

Will "WIZ" Jackson, AGE 24
1 TERM(College-then, Draftee)
fresh out of OCS...

UNIT: DISCOM, 28th Div.
228th Maintenance Btn.
INIT = 3, RADS = 4

STR5Computer 5, Electronics 3, scrounge 2
AGL7Chemistry 2, Cycle 2, observe 2
CON5Civil Engineer 1, Swim 2, mechanic 1
INT7Forage 2, Leader 2, metallurgy 1
EDU7Wheeled Vehicle 2
CHA4Pistol 1, Rifle .5

2-heavy duty batteries, M92 9mmP pistol 1- 15rnd mag in gun, 1- spare 15 rnd mag, 2- 5/25 kM PRC77 radios, (both broken), 5kW Generator, basic tool kit, electrical repair tools, electronic repair tools, AM/FM radio, cassette/ CD "boom box", 10 favorite tapes or CDs, Chemical Sniffer(detects chemical agents in the air), TV, VCR, 10 VCR tapes, amcorder, portable, SKS w/ 30rnd fixed mag, 4x32 scope, and bipod, 50 rnds 7.62S, satellite uplink, 4- 20 l jerry cans(empty), dirtbike (wear value = 5)

valuables(and fair market value):
grandfather's pocket watch ($250), crucifix on silver chain($30)

$50 cash, small bills.


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