Sean Patrick Cunningham is somewhat well known, and HAD a good rep... but...

Times being what they were, Sean lost alot, and began his spiral down to his personal version of Hell just before he reached the pinnacle of his career. Sean is a burnout, a stoner dude, who hasn't filed a story in months. He has compleatly given up on life and humanity, and just travels around to the "heaviest shit, man", not really to report, but maybe just trying to get himself killed, because he is too much of a coward to do it himself.

He always has a bottle of scotch w/ him (Johnny Walker Red). He wants to die... but not to the point of taking anyone with him... In fact he kinda wants to die a hero so he is always looking to jump on a grenade or pull a fallen grunt to safety.

Sean's father was a AP correspondent in Vietnam, and that was where he got his love of journalism. Sean's parents were fairly wealthy, and sent him to college in America, at Penn State. Sean graduated in 1999, right when things were heating up....

Right out of school, Sean became a freelance journalist. He showed promise early on, and had a couple of AP/UPI bylines, nothing real big, tho.

Sean travelled alot. He went on an entended bender in El Paso, and after he sobered up, he followed a group of campesinos (Mexican Federacion del Sud Rebels) from Texas up through Maryland. Sean developed, or "cultivated" a relationship with the campesinos, and they tolerated him, knowing he would report their activities favorably, and that he would provide a good "uplink" for their cause. This was Sean's last big story, but in the end, things just got plain ugly...

The campesinos were bivouaced just across the PA - MD border, and decided to raid Harrisburg. The US Army reinforced the Capitol, and the campesinos were driven south and east to Gettysburg, where they clashed with a scratch force of conscripted State Employees, sprinkled with a few veteran troops.

Sean made one or two reports for CNN on the resulting Second Battle of Gettysburg (July 29-30, 2001), but they replaced him with one of their high-profile, "image" reporters, who reported things from a more "American" point of view. The more well-known reporter ended up getting most of the credit. The US lost alot of troops and conscripted civilians, but was able to drive back the invasion by the Mexicans. Sean, totally depressed over the situation, just slipped back into obscurity...

Sean would like to have been like Wolfe Blitzer was in the 1st Gulf War, for the current conflict -- unknown before the action, and then someone that everyone knows, after a few good stories. To this end, Sean tries to be at the right place at the right time, regardless of the danger. Sometimes it DOES seem like he's trying to get killed.

After Gettysburg, he went back to Dublin and worked for the Dublin Times, and under a pen name of Shamus O'Conner he wrote for the Irish Free Press, an IRA-funded Newspaper. He fell in love with an IRA Lt. named Cora McFee. They were married, and Sean was drawn even deeper into the IRA, and used his gift for writing to stir up revolution.

A year after their marriage, the English raided a safe house where Cora and her band were. Cora was 6 months pregnant at the time, and she and her baby were both killed in the raid. Sean happened to be away, working for the Times. When he received the word over the wire, he quietly got up, left the office, picked up a package at a pub and walked into an English police barracks and blew it up.

Sean was badly burned over his entire body, due to his inexperience with bombs. The bomb had detonated early, before he left the building... Sean was a hero to the IRA, but in Sean's heart, he knew his "accident" was no accident -- he was trying to join his wife and unborn child. He killed 30 English police in the process.

The IRA broke him out of the hospital, and as soon as he was well enough, they snuck him out of Ireland to Boston where he was able to get a job with the AP wire as a correspondent. They hired him based on the reputation of his father, but Sean held his own.

Meanwhile, he was wanted by the English for the murder of 30 of Her Majesty's finest. Fortunately, they had only a sketchy description of Sean, so it would be dfficult to find or prosecute him. The same plastic surgery that repaired the burns to his face, thwarted any efforts on the part of the English to link him to the Police Station bombing.

Since that time, Sean has carried the scars of his mishap, his hatred for the English, and grief over the loss of his wife. This combination has given him a very fatalistic attitude, and a very hot temper.

Most recently, Sean was one of a few souls to escape the 3/103 Camp when it was being overrun by marauders.

Sean Patrick Cunningham,AGE 25
Journalist x2

UNIT:none. Sean is an Irish national.
INIT = 4, RADS = 3

STR9persuasion 6, Spanish 8
AGL4unarmed cbt 4, armed cbt 2
CON6cycle 3, small boat 2
INT5fishing 2, interrogate 2
EDU5pistol 3, rifle 4
CHA4English 10, Irish(Gaelic) 5

A large man, linebacker-ish, imposing. Blond hair, now shaven, with a trim reddish-blond goatee... Think of "Uncle Buck" from the John Candy movie, with a buzzcut.

M1911a1 Colt .45 AUTO, 2- 7rnd mags, 50rnd box .45 ACP, Winchester 30-30,Leica camera, Pentax camera, Minolta camera, 10 rolls 35 mm film(36 exp), 2 rolls infrared film, lowlight camera lens, bottle valium(19 doses), 2 cartons Camels, fifth Johnny Walker Red, dimebag of marijuana, Gerber multitool, maglight, AM/FM Radio/ Cassette/ CD player, 30- assorted cassettes/CD's. 2 changes batteries for radio, sleeping bag, mess kit.

Khaki cargo pants, khaki docker shorts, bandanna around neck, Saucony running shoes, sweatshirt, leather jacket.

Harley Davidson w/ sidecar(uses gasoline! Alcohol in a Harley would be unholy), and a FBD (f------ big dog) named Guiness, who rides in the sidecar....

$3.58 in change, on the floor of the sidecar. A $50 bill in his left shoe.

The wedding band Cora gave him. Valued at $400.


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