The Keystone Division after WW3
Character Generation Rules

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So next time pop smoke before you come out of the bush...

Characters are generated by the following point allocation system:
Players will divide 32 points among the attributes STRength, AGiLity, CONstitution, INTelligence, EDUcation, and CHArisma.

Character Biography / History:
Play will begin in the state of Pennsylvania. Characters can originate from anywhere outlined below; they just happen to be in PA when the action begins. Characters may be from Civilian or Military backgrounds, or a combination of the two.

For example, Boomer, an NPC, is a resident of PA, and has a 3 Term Background. First, he went to College, then he was an Entertainer, then he became a Militiaman.

Some units of the USArmy, USMC, USN, and USAF have mutinied, others have turned marauder. Even within a given unit, some individuals motives and loyalties may be questionable. Some intermingling between units of differing nationalities has happened, but by and large, the PC's and NPC's will be American.

ONLY the following nationalities will be permitted -- American, Canadian, Native American, Mexican, any Latin American nationality, any South American nationality, any Arab nationality. Mexican, Latin/South American, and Arab characters will have to create a plausible reason as to why/how they have survived in the US thus far, and what they are doing with an American unit. Based on this information, all characters should have a biography detailing where they've been, with whom, etc. for the years between 1998-2003.

The rope's not the fast part, son, the fall is...

Characters will have 1, 2, or 3 terms of experience(player's choice), and INITIATIVE will be assigned thusly:


There will be an INIT bonus/penalty for certain careers. This will provide some game balance(the younger characters, although less skilled, will have greater freedom of action), as well as somewhat insure character survivability. The GM will assign RADS based on the character's biography.

To our fallen brothers, we salute you

Characters will then gain skills from the careers they choose. Characters may "hop around" from career to career as in the example above, provided all prerequisites for that career are satisfied. All characters will choose 4 different background skills, and assign them 2 levels of skill. All characters will select 4 levels of career skills and 1 level of secondary skills per term, regardless of what the career states in the book. The final term (or 1st term and only term, in the case of "1-Term Wonders") will give 8 levels of skill, instead of 4 levels.

Some old vet gave his medals to the CO of the 3/103, saying maybe he could give them to someone deserving...

Characters with INT=7 or greater, AND EDU=7 or greater, are automatically sent to OCS (Officer Candidate School), as per the book. Remember, skill levels in excess of that skill's governing attribute count as only half (it takes 2 points to raise one level). At the GM's judgement, he MAY assign a FEW bonus skill levels based on well-thought-out or well-written character biographies.

Ignore rules on promotion; the GM will assign rank. Likewise, ignore rules on starting money; the GM will also assign these. Select a preferred weapon, and 5 items of equipment that your character might *reasonably* own. Your character will begin play with this, and perhaps a few other weapons at the GM's discretion.

Players are free to make their character what they want, within REASON. Rambos, Arnolds, John Waynes, Jean-Claude Van Dammits, Steven Sea-gulls, and other SUPERHERO-type characters can be expected NOT to be RECRUITED. Skills other than weapons/martial arts will be necessary to succeed in this game. The Focus of the Game, as stated earlier, will be equal parts of warfare, problem solving, and REBUILDING...

I rejoice in the lamentations of your women and children -- Attributed to an unknown marauder...


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