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MG Applegate


Age 59. Regular Army. 28th Division CO, since the DEC 2002 Mutiney. Loyal to the Governor and President. Began career as a 19 year old WO, and assigned as a Medivac chopper pilot in Vietnam. He was the one you hoped responded to the call. Sammy was completely fearless, it would seem. Or lucky. He was shot down 4 times. On his last mission, he was subsequently captured by the NVA, and held for 4 years in "The Hanoi Hilton".

After his release, he recuperated and while the anti-war sentiment still ran high, he decided to make a career of the Army. He qualified as a parachutist, went to Ranger School, and shortly thereafter, attended Special Forces training at Fort Bragg. He had been assigned to the Pentagon several times, which he thoroughly hated. Applegate was a man of action, not a paper pusher.

Thru the 80's and 90's, he served in several actions, including Grenada, Lebanon, Panama, and Desert Storm. By the time of the 2nd War with Iraq, Applegate had made Colonel, and was a Brigade CO in the 28th Division (M). He saw his unit be bloodied several times in the desert, and became sickened by the war. He was promoted to BG, and took several months off following the Division's return to the USA. Rumor has it that he was either in a psych unit, or drying out somewhere after a long bender...

The Division's former CO, Wesley Hamilton, had his problems, too. Namely, the Mutiney which he organised late in 2002, and the bullet he put in his occipital lobe, after his mutiney failed. This left Applegate in line for the Division. Applegate is miserably divorced.

Applegate seems to have recovered from his trauma. He moved the Division's HQ to the Scranton Airport, and has been issuing orders to the few loyal units left in his command.

BG Saunders, 55th BDE CO.

Age 48. National Guardsman from Scranton. An Info Systems Manager for Blue Shield in his civilian life, Saunders was trained as a tanker. As an O3, He weasled a spot in the 28th Logistics Command that kept Desert Storm supplied in Kuwait, and upon arriving, he was reassigned as CO of a company of M1A1 Abrams Tanks. He and his crew were credited with the destruction of 12 Iraqi tanks, 23 other vehicles, and the capture of no less than 135 prisoners.

Saunders rose rapidly thru the ranks following Desert Storm. He later commanded the 2/103rd Armored BTN, and later was promoted into command of the Brigade. Many in the Division think he's a glory hound, and that he uses his connections, materials, and most importantly, his men, for personal gain. It must work...

Saunders is married and has 2 college age daughters. All live in the Scranton area.

BG Jacobs, 56th BDE CO.

Age 54. CO, 56th BDE. National Guardsman. Military Training was as an Engineer. Resides in the Phila area. Was a personnel administrator for a Fortune 500 plastics / research firm in the Philadelphia / Wilmington, Delaware area. Jacobs' personality and character can be summed up by combining the worst traits from every mean-tempered, incompetant boss you ever had. That is Jacobs.

The fate of Jacobs, his wife, 3 daughters, and 2 sons is unknown... all are missing, presumed dead.

COL Tamerlane, 2nd BDE CO.

Age 52. Tamerlane came up thru the ranks, getting his start as a LRRP SGT in the latter stages of Vietnam. Tamerlane is Regular Army, thru and thru. He qualified as a Ranger, and it was his unit that held off some of the guerillas in Panama, when they threatened to retake the airport with their vastly superior numbers. Tamerlane never had been very popular with his superiors, but he didn't seem to care. His men loved and idolised him. Tamerlane is the kind of person who would use the F word in front of the GOA, the President, or the Pope, without batting an eye. Tamerlane is twice divorced.

MAJ Harris, 1/110 INF(M) CO.

Age 32. National Guardsman. A Railroad Engineer for Conrail during his civilian life. Trained as an infantry platoon CO, he rapidly rose thru the ranks following his loyalty during the December 2002 Mutiney.

Although fairly green, Harris went to Ranger School, and more or less has led the BTN for the last few months. MG APPLEGATE promoted him, and gave him very broad control over much of western PA.

Harris is quite intelligent, and knows when to rely on his senior SGTs, and other more experienced people. He pitches in right along with the lowliest PVT, and leads from the front. Held the area around RT 79 for 8 days, until reinforced by COL Tamerlane's 2nd BDE. Now is staging a somewhat successful guerilla war against FS troops, and other marauders in Western PA.

MAJ HARRIS is single.


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